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By JOE MAILLET 2,889 views

Is Immunotherapy the Right kind of Treatment for your Cancer?

You might have already been familiar with treatments of cancer, like radiation and chemotherapy. Besides these traditional treatments, advancements in recent years have led to the inception of immunotherapy. This is a more practical and specific treatment for the disease. You might consider visiting a top oncologist Singapore to seek this kind of treatment. In this post, you will come to know about how immunotherapy works, along with its benefits.

How does immunotherapy for cancer work?

Through immunotherapy, the system’s immune system can target the cancerous cells after recognizing the same. This makes it an ultimate treatment for the disease.

Immunotherapy is effective in treating a wide range of cancers. This includes:

  • Kidney cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Some kinds of skin cancer like melanoma
  • Lymphoma
  • Neck and head cancers
  • Bladder cancer

Some kinds of cancer like melanoma are resistant to traditional treatments like radiation and chemotherapy. Immunology is effective in treating these kinds of cancers too. You might contact a cancer immunotherapy Singapore center for treating cancer.

What makes immunology more effective as a treatment for cancer?

Unlike radiation or chemotherapy, immunotherapy is more concerned with the body’s immunity system. As a result, this is a more targeted treatment.

The side effects of each type of treatment for cancer is are different. It depends on how the body reacts to the treatment. Common treatments like radiation or chemotherapy have a direct impact on healthy tissues. It might lead to problems like nausea or loss of hair. Consulting a top oncologist Singapore would be a wise decision, given that this type of treatment does not have such side effects.

Cancer treatment may undergo a paradigm shift to immunotherapy soon

In the case of immunology, the side effects differ, based on the type of treatment delivered. In general, the side effects are misdirection or overstimulation of the immune system. Therefore, the symptoms may be minor, like fever or inflammation. These effects are generally limited to autoimmune disorders. However, the impact of the treatment is greater, as compared to radiation or chemotherapy.

Why is immunology a more effective treatment?

Through immunology, the body system gets trained to identify and remember cancerous cells. Therefore, the impact of the treatment is far more long-lasting.

Some studies on the survival rate on long-term basis revel that patients respond better to immunology treatment. Therefore, it reveals that such treatment can enhance the longevity of patients. The overall impact of treatment turns out to be far more effective.

Is immunology the right treatment for you?

Presently, in different parts of the world, immunology serves as the basic standard of treatment for cancer. This is effective for patients suffering from long can cancer, along with high PD-LI and melanoma. Evidently, Cancer immunotherapy Singapore is an effective treatment for you, in case you are experiencing any of these kinds of cancer.

For treating other kinds of cancer, immunotherapy may serve as a proper treatment process. At times, chemotherapy may stop working. In these situations, doctors switch to immunotherapy.

Presently, clinical trials are being carried out across the world, including chemotherapy and immunotherapy. Considering the nature of cancer, immunotherapy may be the most effective solution for treating specific types of cancer.

Joe Maillet

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