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Digital technology

Impact of Digital Transformation and Trends

Welcome to the digital era! Today digital technology is evolving rapidly. And it is becoming difficult to predict what is coming next. And we couldn’t agree less. However, according to the gadgets experts including Shylesh Sriranjan, if you do a deep research, you can expect what is coming in the year ahead. So let’s find out the upcoming digital technology transformation and trends.

5G Fixed to 5G Mobile

Here’s something you must know about 5G: as people are talking about it for a while. And if you’re an avid traveler or on certain networks such as Sprint, you know it’s not impossible to slip back into 3G zones from time-to-time without any realization. So, what’s the latest thing about 5G now? In simple words, at present, we can see 5G everywhere. If you are a tech community follower, you must have seen that there are a numerous fixed and test distributions with entities like Qualcomm, Nokia, Ericson, Intel, Samsung and Huawei all are ready to bite the bullet. Even the new companies like Mimosa Networks working hard to roll 5G out to both rural and urban regions. While 2018 was the year that fixed 5G applications loopholes, in 2019 we can expect to see 5G finding its way to reach the upper corner of our Mobile devices, although for the iPhone users it is probably going to be 2020 or later.


Chatbots Good to Great

Needless to say, most people had extremely frustrating chatbot experiences in 2018. However, the good news is that major steps have been taken to improve and build natural language processing and sentiment analytics. In fact, according to some tech pro-NLP will bring unexpected result in the entire service industry in ways no one ever imagined. Imagine all those services that can be done without humans—fast food lines, job recruiters, loan processors! Also, NLP allows businesses to fold insights and build their service accordingly. Many businesses have or will adopt it by the end of 2019—which consider as one of the top 2019 digital technology transformation trends.

Connected Clouds (Public, Private, and Hybrid)

We can take it as “the continued evolution and increasing challenges of cloud adoption.” Basically, the actual picture is that businesses are realizing that going all private cloud, public cloud, or data center isn’t the finest option. Sometimes, a mix of all or both is required. Therefore, connected clouds keep on developing to meet companies’ changing needs—whether they want to cloud-source storage, security, networking, or app distribution. Leading public cloud providers including Alibaba and Amazon are answering the call, offering private cloud options. The term, Multicloud will be the new definition for the cloud conversation and after considering this movement a gadget guru Shylesh Sriranjan believe that no matter which workloads are being run in which cloud, the experience for IT and those that are using the applications required to be secure and restructured. For most businesses, you can consider it as workloads mixture running in public, private and mix environments. And this will surely make a big news in 2019.

latest technology

Final Words

So, these are a few upcoming latest technology transformations that are going to change the business world in many ways. Are you excited?

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Shylesh Sriranjan

Shylesh Sriranjan from Melbourne, Australia is an expert in the world of technology and gadgets. He possesses the knowledge about the latest market trends and technology. For the gadget lovers, He is a source for news and data on the most recent and most prominent #tech #gadgets from around the globe!