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By PRANAY AGRAWAL 3,349 views

How AI can Impact Mobile Application Development?

With so many marvelous innovations popping up all the time, AI technology became the next game-changer ever since the day it arrived in the tech world.

Witnessing the current scenario, Artificial Intelligence is holding the strings of advancing potentials of automated systems and machines integrated to empower users in terms of performance & accessibility. AI technology unveils one crucial facet of tech science that revolves around the innovation of intelligent machines that are smart enough to perform tasks that humans do!

Artificial Intelligence Reshaping Mobile App Tech

We all know that AI tech is taking rounds across the far-stretched flux of businesses that aim to automate their workflow systems. Not only in business automation, but the high adoption rate of AI in healthcare, education, finance, gaming, & other sectors also signifies its role in transforming the virtual world. And for such reasons, the mobile app development industry is taking over the strengths of AI for building apps with definitive traits.

Earlier, CEO Tesla, Elon Musk was also quoted saying about the robust capabilities of AI in transforming the mobile app tech.

Looking over the gradual intrusion of Artificial Intelligence in the constructive mobile app development practices, International Data Corporation predicted that AI systems will grab the global spending of over $79.2 billion by the end of the year 2022.

These stats will take you on cloud nine as current expenditure on AI-integrated platform is estimated as $35.8 billion which is half than the prophesied stats.

The surging demand for AI-based apps is bestowing uncountable business opportunities for mobile app development service providers scattered across the globe. The idea of leveraging smart features of AI to the basic mobile apps structure with interesting features like smart chatbots, voice recognition, face detection, etc. will do wonders for user engagement. Just make speed read to the newest AI technologies used for mobile app development:

  • AI Chatbots
  • Biometric
  • Face detection
  • Advanced image recognition
  • Voice recognition
  • Emotion recognition
  • Secure app recognition
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning

One more terminology to look through the meaning of Artificial Intelligence is Machine Learning. The majority of mobile app development companies relate AI technology to ML environment as Machine Learning is a crucial aspect of task automation for simplification & improvement.

5 Pointers to Ponder on AI’s Impact on Mobile App Development

Enhanced Automation

When it comes to the role of AI technology in the lives of humans, the evolution of Artificial Intelligence is still on the routes of misconceptions as most people believe that AI is devaluing their part in certain aspects of life which is wrong. There is no doubt that this technology has empowered humans not only in terms of automation but also in better decision making.

The integration of AI tools for mobile app development would automate only those tasks that can be done without human involvement. For instance, drivers navigate on the AI-enabled maps to find the best route to reach their destination in minimal time and fuel consumption.

Breathtaking App UX

UI/UX designs emphasize personalized app experience as they’re the foremost binding factor behind stronger user interaction. The reason why most UX experts & developers are more concerned about the app’s user interface design is enhanced audience engagement.  AI imparts impeccable user experience of the optimal quality by leveraging patterns to determine parameters of user behavior analysis.

AI can retrieve user input data based on qualitative analytics on the behavioral aspects & patterns alongside conducting a thorough analysis to identify useful statistics.  These stats & insights clarify the concepts of designers & developers to create user-centric apps with a quality-driven approach.

Better Personalization with AI

Personalization is a key factor to accelerate the speed of user engagement in the current industry. With the growing importance of user experience, Artificial intelligence brings manifold advantages along with fruitful ways to engage customers with interesting app features, meaningful content, fascinating user interface, & other elements to attain users’ interests.

On the way to mobile app development, leveraging Artificial Intelligence makes it possible to encourage personalized user experience with the app. Grasp some idea to use AI for personalization for mobile application development:

  • To provide products & content recommendation to app users based on their preferences, likes, & dislikes.
  • To drive better user interactions via push notifications & other channels of communicating with customers by using personalized information about customer behavior.
  • To add value to AI-based app by enabling users to remark important app features according to their needs & usability. It also makes possible to create interactive UI design to impart impeccable user experience.

Effective & Creative Coding

AI is reshaping the backbone of the structure on which the app has been built as it developers turning more creative with their coding style. Programmers who’re familiar with the ins and outs of using AI for mobile application developers find it easier to write unique codes efficiently. This significantly reduces the development time & efforts in app creation.

Improved Relevancy & Precision

Businesses with AI-integrated systems gather relevant data on their app’s usability. User-centric data is a secret of the app’s success as it goes beyond standard algorithms & practices to discover how customers are using your app. Also, building apps on AI structure helps startups to extend their product list or launch new services in the market.

Final Verdict

The debate on the impact of AI on mobile app development highlights the growing importance of this technology in terms of automation, personalization, accuracy, & user experience. AI binds all the algorithms & practices together to make an app that meets the standards of usability & engagement. With all such benefits in the row, no uncertainty exists in leveraging AI with mobile application development.

Pranay Agrawal

Pranay Agrawal is a co-founder of MobileCoderz Technologies & enthusiastic mobility consultant. His keenness in technology & demonstrated expertise in strategic business consulting encourage him to share his thoughts via interesting blog posts.