1. Meals irradiation: It is a food handling strategy to extend the shelf-life of food by the destruction of harmful microorganisms and delay of ripening. Your meals are exposed to ionizing power and radiation. However, this procedure also eliminates the nourishment especially water soluble natural vitamins and anti-oxidants. Meals irradiation is commonly used in products like chicken, meats, and clean vegetables. This strategy is approved and used in more than 40 countries globally.

2. Environmental Pollution: Everyday tons of chemicals are discarded into our atmosphere. These wastes contaminate the air, water and food that we eat. Research has shown that polluting the atmosphere is the main cause for degenerative illnesses. Thus, you need quality and potent healthy products to detoxify your whole body program against the contamination and boost defense mechanisms.

3. Soil depletion: Aggressive farming, acidic rains, use or synthetic fertilizers and synthetic bug sprays have caused ground reduction. These actions wipe out the nourishment in the ground. As a result, healthy values of clean vegetables and fruits and vegetables are decreased. In fact, the clean vegetables you eat today taste bland due to absence minerals in the ground. However, ground remains are either slowly losing nourishment or no longer contain the nourishment.

4. Lifestyle: Depending on your way of life and behavior, you may need healthy products. For example,smoking destroys certain natural vitamins. Both first-hand and second-hand smokers need to take additional antioxidants to protect the body program against toxins. Excessive booze impairs the body’s ability to absorb much nourishment and inhibits the production of digestive support minerals. In the above-mentioned situations, taking products is MUST to keep in good health. Other examples that require additional supplementation include athletes, pregnant ladies, people who perform in the radioactive atmosphere and those who perform in difficult occupation.

5. Stress: It is not an unusual term to many of us. Pressure can wipe out your power, lead to an acceleration of aging and degenerative illnesses. The signs and signs of stress consist of fatigue, depression, panic, anxiety, appetite loss, and insomnia. Fortunately, there are products that can function to effectively reduce the harmful effects of stress.

6. Pesticides in foods: Pesticides are commonly used in agricultural actions to control and destroy pests. Pesticides are toxic and dwell in our meals. According to research by Ecological Protection Agency (EPA), the benefits of clean vegetables and fruits and vegetables are decreased by use of bug sprays. When you eat meals that contain bug sprays, they may cause wellness issues to defense mechanisms, nervous and hormones. Unfortunately, there is no way you can detect bug sprays in meals.

7. Food Processing: Most of the meals from supermarkets are prepared. Processed meals are not clean and contain less nourishment compare to clean produce. For example, grain peels which contain natural fiber are removed in the handling stage. Processed meals also contain no live minerals. Enzymes are necessary for digestion and metabolic function. Deficiency of minerals can cause degenerative illnesses.

These substances may bring negative impacts to your whole body program. To know which nutritional supplement is best suited to you, Vitakem who do the manufacturing of supplements can guide you to choose the best for you.

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