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Are you preparing for the Class 4 English exam? Class 4 English tests your reading, writing, and speaking skills all at once to get a sense of your ability to use English in a real-world setting. If you want to improve your Class 4 English test scores, look no further than this list of five tips that can help you do just that!

Class 4 English, otherwise known as Advanced Level English, marks the transition from high school to college, so you want to make sure that you’re making the most of it! That said, you’re probably not alone in feeling overwhelmed by the amount of material that has to be covered in just one year. Here are five steps you can take to ensure that you get the most out of your Class 4 English experience.

Learn the Right Phrases

Learning the right phrases is an essential part of fluency. When you’re just learning a language, it can be overwhelming to try and learn every single word in context, but knowing some useful phrases will go a long way toward putting you on track to sounding like a native speaker. The more you practice these phrases, too, the better you’ll get at using them spontaneously when appropriate. Practice asking for directions or ordering food by using some of these common phrases! In most cases, practicing daily will help with memorization as well as pronunciation. Think of it as another form of practice—you might not always feel like speaking with your partner from class, but if they come up during a conversation, being able to speak clearly and confidently about what they do will help you stand out from other learners who may struggle to do so with confidence.

Set Up a Study Schedule

Many students don’t know how or when to study. You must create a schedule and stick with it, otherwise, you’ll find yourself sitting on your couch at 5 p.m., playing around with your phone, and finding yourself unprepared for your next test or paper. If you can set aside some time every day for studying (even if it’s just a little bit), you’ll be more efficient in the long run. Start by mapping out what you need to do—and then prioritize it into what needs to get done today versus what could wait until tomorrow. Working hard is all about making smart choices about where you spend your time. Even 15 minutes a day of focused studying makes a big difference!

Take Advantage of Holidays and Breaks

It may be hard to focus when you’re at school all day, but holidays and breaks provide ample opportunity for self-study. Many people spend their holidays traveling abroad—take advantage of these trips by packing a book or two about grammar and memorizing them on your trip. This way, you’ll learn something new even as you enjoy yourself! You can also take advantage of vacations from school to go over material from class again. If you missed class, don’t worry; there are always ways to study on your own time. While it might seem like an easy out now, taking time off won’t hurt you in later life; what will hurt is if you don’t devote time toward learning while there are no constraints around that learning. So take advantage of the chances you get!

Use Effective Learning Techniques

At school, you’re likely to come across classmates who are nice people but don’t have much in common with you. But what if you could be friends with them? Well, you can—by learning how to build stronger relationships at school. When it comes down to it, friendships are about being comfortable enough with another person that they become a big part of your life. They are just as important as academic success. So put yourself out there! Strike up conversations with new people. Be open to meeting new friends, and take advantage of any social opportunities offered by teachers or clubs. You never know where a friendship will lead! In addition to improving your English skills, these new friendships might even help get you into college. Who knows? You might end up getting very good grades AND making some awesome friends while still having time for some fun along the way. This is more than possible thanks to our online teaching tools and classroom programs developed with students in mind! If you want tips on improving more than just your class 4 English skills, contact us for a free trial.

Build Stronger Relationships at School

The internet has made access to learning easy for anyone willing to put in some effort towards seeking knowledge. You can take advantage of free resources like YouTube and information-sharing sites like Reddit and Quora—which allow users from all over the world to ask questions and share answers—to further accelerate your learning experience. To summarize, if you want to improve your class 4 English, make sure you set aside time outside of school each day to practice reading or improve listening skills. Make use of freely available tools on the internet, as well as those offered by educational institutions. Join a club or activity that allows you to meet new people and develop lasting relationships with those around you at school. Please follow the link NCERT Class 4 English Marigold Book PDF

School is meant to be a community, and as such it’s important that we build relationships with those around us. The best way for you to do so is by joining clubs and activities outside of class. Joining up with clubs can help you meet new people and make stronger friendships during your time at school. These activities may take place both on-campus and off-campus. For example, if you’re a fan of rugby, you could join a local club or even take part in school tournaments. By doing so, you won’t only learn more about yourself but also develop connections that will last far beyond high school.

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