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By FARHEEN QAMAR 1,165 views

5 Simple Ways to Improve Digestion with Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Couldn’t clear your gut business in the morning?

Well, sometimes it might make you so irritated that your day is just spoiled! And don’t bring me to talk about when someone offers you something delicious to eat but… 

Anyway, I won’t go into the details; you already know where I am getting at!

Apart from this, most of the physical issues arrive from your stomach. If it is not functioning properly, then you’ll be housing many diseases within your body. We all want to live a healthy and happy life, and it begins with a healthy gut! Some of you suffer from digestive issues on a regular basis, which impairs your capabilities and lifestyle to a large extent. 

Anyway, you should take care of your body’s maintenance center and tend to its needs, otherwise, we won’t be able to do anything. Even in the least, why would you want unnecessary problems when you can easily avoid them?

I will discuss 5 simple ayurvedic remedies along with some tips that will help and guide you to keep your gut healthy.

1. Asafoetida water

Asafoetida is known for being effective against many stomach related issues. It is used as an antioxidant, antimicrobial, and digestive enzyme which makes it a great medicine. Asafoetida or Hing is a famous Indian spice that is used in many dishes and of course — in manufacturing digestive pills.

To use it as a remedy, simply take a glass of warm water and mix two pinches of asafoetida in it, and have it half an hour before a meal. 

2. Chew carom and fennel seeds (Saunf and Ajwain) 

Carom and fennel seeds are served after a scrumptious meal to help digest it. It seems our ancestors knew that Indian delicacies are so delicious that you might end up on your toilet seat the following next day.

To use it as a remedy, just take one teaspoon of carom and fennel seeds, and chew it. These digestive boosters are easy to carry as well!

3. Isabgol

If you are suffering from constipation on a regular basis?

Isabgol is known for increasing moisture and fibre in your intestine, which facilitates easy excretion of stool. That said, it is an excellent remedy for you!

To use it, take one teaspoon of Isabgol mixed in a glass of warm milk half an hour before going to bed. However, if you are suffering from diarrhea, then take a teaspoon with a bowl of curd early in the morning. 

 4. Jeera (Cumin) Water

Cumin is a common spice used in the native regions of Mediterranian and Southwest Asia. Not to mention, it is a very common spice used in Indian kitchen. Apart from a highly recognised spice, it is also a well known traditional medicine.

It increases the activity of digestive enzymes and facilitates the release of bile juice from the liver.

To use it, take one teaspoon of cumin seeds and boil it in two cups of water. Boil it until the water is half the original quantity, then strain and drink it. You may also chew the leftover seeds if you wish.

 5. Aloe Vera

It helps increase the water content in the intestine which helps the stool to pass effortlessly. It is also very healthy for your liver. To use it, mix 20 ml of aloe vera juice in a glass of warm water and have it empty stomached first thing in the morning. It should take care of your business!

Tips to Improve Digestion

  • Make sure that you drink plenty of water. Lack of water leads to friction between the intestine and stool, which leads to constipation and dehydration.
  • Avoid processed food because it is very hard on your digestive system. Also, include fibre rich foods such as millet, barley, nuts, oatmeal, etc.
  • Look out for seasonal fruits and include them in your diet. Especially apple, papaya, and guava as they are considered the best for your digestive system.
  • Now, this might be a little bizarre for you, but including some pure cow ghee in your diet will work wonders for you!

I hope that you liked today’s post. Also, I think that you will enjoy these remedies and use them for a better belly! If you are interested in Ayurveda and related products check out Nirogam.com. For amazing information of health-related knowledge and tips, check out the youtube channel of Fit Tuber.

Have a great day ahead! 

Farheen Qamar

A writer by profession, Farheen is a true foodie. She loves to try out new cuisines & recipes every now & then. She makes sure she shares her food experiences with everyone through her blogs.