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Lameen Witter | Marketing Communication
Lameen Witter | Marketing Communication
By LAMEEN WITTER 3,925 views


Lameen Witter says communication with the right customer at the right time is the key to success. And we couldn’t agree less. Building a communication mindset play a key role in the development and growth of a business. It allows you to convey the right message to the right audience which eventually fetches more customers. Now the question is how to develop a communication mindset?

Let’s explore 5 Ways to improve your Marketing Communication.

A brief is sweeter

Shorter and sweeter message wins the heart and attention easily! Because nowadays people have less patience, less time to read and understand your message.  Therefore, it is essential to connect words that create value for the audience without taking their much time. In other words, convey your message in fewer words that says everything, and have great impact and create value.  Once you have decided what you want to say, make a brief statement of your message that you want to convey with impact, and distribute the message accordingly.

It is about THEM, not about YOU

The size of your company, your financial status, etc., will not stay till eternity. The audience will read about you and forget, therefore it is your responsibility to keep it all together. Most businesses believe that communicating and advertising about your presence, success, is enough to fetch customers’ interest, however, in reality, it is a myth. Communication is about empowering them, and their power to connect with your message. You need to convey a message that talks about them and to them. And this is how you will build a successful marketing communication.

Think Before You Ask

 Your focus is on finding the common objectives and values that reduce the distance between you and the audience. You need to develop  ME to US focus by asking questions that offers your audience a platform to share their values and objectives. It somewhere helps you a lot in building communication and conveying messages that stand up and out.

Instead of talking at your audience, talk with them

The successful marketing communication is about emerging communities of purpose, evolving relationships that are held together by shared objectives and values that excel digital, social, and cultural boundaries. Great communication is not about influence, it is about a connection that develops through fluency of info and an essence of collaboration.

Communication is king

The greatest content in the world is the one that opens the minds, hearts, and ears of your audience in ways that echo with their purpose; and build a strong channel of shared values and objectives.

Communicating effectively in a competitive environment is a way to achieve personal, business and professional success.  Needless to say, the leader who communicates well get to the top in no time, however, developing a message that makes a difference means modifying your communication playbook.  No doubt it is quite challenging, but in the end, it will contribute to your growth and develop new ways of thinking, and communicating.

Final Words

So, these are the few ways to develop marketing communication in order to win audience heart, mind, and interest. If you want to lead in a competitive environment like Lameen Witter, do not forget to implement these tips in the future.

Lameen Witter

Lameen Witter is an experienced person who is an expert in creative marketing and production. He is known in the industry for storytelling, brand marketing, digital strategy, leadership, radio, television, and graphic designing. He knows how to pitch different ideas, how to implement creative integrative communication, marketing, and promotional strategies, across the digital channels to promote brand awareness. He is a leader who never stops learning and always comes up with the innovative and unique branding and marketing ideas to rule the industry.