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6 Tips to Improve Your Present Singing Voice

If you are blessed with a good voice and still you are not confident with your singing, then maybe you are underestimating your strength. The one who can speak, can sing as well, but to become a great singer, you need to use singing tools in a proper way. No one can become Siobhan McFadyen overnight. So here are a few tips that can help you to improve your singing voice. Let’s explore:

  1. Believe in Yourself – The Foundation of Great Singing

A wise man once said – If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will. Therefore to become a successful singer, you need to be confident, determined, and passionate. A confident sound contains a rich, clear, and well-projected tone. In case you lack confidence and nervous about how you sound, learn to be positive and try to connect with your inner power. In the end, if you think positive, positive things will start happening. So when negative thoughts start distracting you, repeat these lines in your mind:

  • The audience loves my singing. My voice is amazing!”
  • I experience no fear what-so-ever when I sing
  • I am the best and I will make myself and my fans feel proud

In the end, confidence and positive attitude are something that leads you towards success. So, try to adapt these two qualities, if you want to be a successful singer.

  1. Open the Mouth to Sing With a More Powerful and Confident Voice

If you barely open your mouth to sing, your singing tone remains suppressed or hidden-surrounding. Therefore, try to create enough space for the sound to come out. If you ever seen professionals singers close up, you must have noticed when they open their mouth the back of their throat becomes visible. So, remember to open your mouth wide enough to deliver a powerful sound.

Further, you can try this method – place two fingers (one on top of the other) between the top and bottom of your teeth. Keep your fingers in the mouth sing ‘ah,’ then remove the fingers from the mouth while still retaining the sound ‘ah.’ In the end, make sure your mouth remains open even after removing your fingers.

  1. Learn to Breathe Correctly

Experts say breathing is essential to deliver better singing voice. Because the tone that you sing actually goes up in the air and exhaled as you sing. Therefore it is advisable to learn belly breathing. Here are the tips:

  • Lie on your back with your knees in a raised position. Your feet should be flat on the floor.
  • Place a light book on your stomach centered at the waistline.
  • Once you make yourself relaxed, immediately lift the book using only your belly, which will then move in upward position.
  • Hold this position for few seconds. For say – around 5-10 seconds.
  • Now, lower the book gradually until the belly returns to its natural flat position. By doing this technique, you can observe the difference in your singing. Remember your goal is to control the amount of air you release so that you have sufficient to finish the phrase of lyrics.
  • Keep repeating this exercise, and use a hissing sound the moment you release your air while lower the book down.
  • Breathe through your mouth and nose simultaneously.
  • In the end, once you have mastered the belly breath on the floor, try the same exercise in a standing position.
  1. Activate Your Resonators

While singing one should activate all of his resonators, the resonators are the mouth, chest nasal passages, and head areas.

  • When you move the sound forward while singing, you make your tone resonate in different spaces. At first, start practice using the ‘ee’ vowel while singing. With this technique, you can feel the vibrations in your resonating areas with ease.
  • You want to avoid “swallowing” which implies- singing from the back of the throat the vowels as you sing. For more progress, you should add other primary and secondary vowels.
  1. Sing Songs that are Within Your Comfort Zone (Range)

This is the most important tip that you must consider.

  • Some singers find it easier to sing with high tone, while others are comfortable in the middle range and there are few who love singing dark, lower sounds.
  • If you’re a high-pitched, your best sound will be in the highest part of your vocal range.
  • A low-pitched singer will prefer very low to middle tones.

So once you’ve discovered in what range you are comfortable, it is advisable to stay within that range.

  1. Sing Expressively

Once you have mastered the above five tips, you are prepared to express yourself through your singing. So when you sing, bring feeling and emotions into every musical phrase. In the end, if you know how to bring emotions in singing, you can easily connect with your listeners. Therefore, you must learn how to communicate your desires, passions, needs, wants, fears, joys, love, loneliness, prayers, pain, anger, etc. You never know you will become another Siobhan McFadyen.

Siobhan McFadyen

Siobhan McFadyen from London, United Kingdom is one of the world’s most prosperous artists. Whether you’re in the mood for a thoughtful song or perky pop, Siobhan McFadyen songs will definitely please you.