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improve rice yield
By JOE MAILLET 412 views

5 Tips to Improve Rice Yield

Improving rice yield is an important aspect of rice production because it determines the quantity of rice that will be harvested after production. This means an increase in rice yield increases the profits farmers will make after selling the produce. Many farmers hope to have lots of rice yield because the land is costly for them to buy. So they need to offset the cost of land, crop production, and time. In addition, farmers need to make money to pay bills and feed their families. They can only do all these by selling enough rice to make a profit.

How to Improve Rice Yield

By Planting Rice At The Right Time

Planting rice at the right time helps to improve rice yield. That is, you need to plant when the weather and soil conditions are right. Soil temperature also plays a vital role in crop yield. It will let you know the right time to plant rice in the fields. To know when the soil is right for planting, do a soil test to check the soil temperature. If the soil has the right temperature, it will grow nice. Also, check the weather conditions of that period. If the sun is going to be out, then plant rice. This way, the crop will have the chance to get and absorb sunlight and grow well. Furthermore, ensure that you have enough planting tools and seedbeds to facilitate your crop planting.

Know Your Farmland

Familiarize yourself with your farmland. Scout your farm very well to know the state of the farm and what needs to be adjusted. Check if the farm has been infested with insects, weeds, pests, and diseases. By doing this, you can control them before you plant your rice. Otherwise, they will affect your rice and decrease rice yield. If your farm is very large, it is possible to cover all the areas by foot. While it’s easier to use a tractor to scout the large area, walking on foot might seem the best option. This is because you can easily see any problems that your farm has as you slowly walk by. You can check each surface area carefully and notice if something is wrong. If you think that you can’t do this alone, recruit friends, and families. Or hire people to walk with you and check the land.

Know the Kind of Crop You Are Planting

Most farmers make the mistake of not knowing the yield potential of their crops and farm. The type of rice seed you buy will determine the type of rice that will germinate. Also, it is essential to know the yield capacity of the farm you intend to plant the rice. You need to understand what type of rice seed you want to buy, and how much your farm can yield after planting. This gives you an idea of what you do and what to expect. It will also allow you to plan the right farming techniques for your farm. In the long run, you will be able to determine if your farm can yield much produce.

Crop Rotation

Crop rotation is when farmers plant one crop in a season and plant a different crop after that season ends. The farmers rotate the crop they plant to retain the soil fertility. Crop rotation is also a way of balancing the soil pH. It enriches the soil with the nutrients it lacks. In addition, crop rotation diversifies the burdens farmers place on the soil. When farmers rotate their crop planting, there will be an increase in rice yield when they plant rice. In simple terms, farmers should not plant rice on their soil over and over again. They can plant rice one season, harvest it, then plant another plant crop and harvest it. Then they can plant rice again after that.

Apply Fertilizer

Fertilizers help to improve crop and farm conditions and increase crop yield. There are two types of fertilizers to choose from, organic and chemical fertilizers. You can apply any of the two rice fertilizers to your rice fields to help them grow well. Fertilizers also give your crop and soil the necessary nutrients they need or lack to grow. You should know that if the root of the rice plant has problems, your rice won’t grow well. So apply fertilizers to the root for good growth.


Improving rice yield is important because rice is the staple food of many nations. It is used to feed the increasingly growing world population. The good thing is it is easy to cook rice and there are many ways you can cook it. Every nation and country around the globe has three or more ways they cook and garnish the rice to their taste. Rice is nutritious and provides carbohydrates which give energy to people. Hence, many countries encourage rice production and try to help their farmers increase their yield.

Joe Maillet

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