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Humble Haldi
By JOE MAILLET 798 views

Humble Haldi to the Rescue – The Incessant Goodness of Turmeric

No matter how much you irk the Haldi-wala doodh that your mom swears by, the rest of the world has humbly given its nod. In a fancy makeover, it’s essentially been renamed as “turmeric latte” or even better “the golden milk” to ensure it fits right into the menu of overpriced (did I say it loud) coffee shops. For anyone with a typical Indian background, it calls for no further introduction to the age-old classic recipe and the string of health benefits it has to offer. For a wider audience, although, this post shall surely be of great help! Read on to find out more.

One Ingredient, Multiple Benefits

No matter what your medical condition is, whether its chest congestion or a stint of insomnia that’s been with you for quite some days, a glass of warm milk with a pinch of Turmeric has always been the go-to answer. Besides, when one is taking medicines for any other ailments, a cup of turmeric milk is said to usher in a speedy recovery. As a matter of fact, Turmeric forms an essential part of a plethora of products like Ayurvedic Body Oil and other pain relief products as well. For over years, Turmeric has been the one ingredient that imparts a yellow colour to the curries cooked and served. Of lately, many scientific studies have come to acknowledge the fact the Indians have believed and practised for long. That Turmeric has healing properties has come a long way to be established across medical surveys, where the presence of curcuminoids depicted strong anti-inflammatory effects. Besides, regular intake of Haldi infused milk has also proven beneficial to boost one’s Neurotrophic Factor and lower chances of brain-related diseases, like Alzheimer’s or depression, for instance. Furthermore, turmeric-infused milk has also proven to be beneficial in reversing the steps towards developing heart disease, which is seemingly the number one cause of death across the world.

​Does It Help You to Lose Weight?

Turmeric is one such Ayurvedic ingredient that is anti-bacterial, anti-viral as well as a ready immunity booster. When mixed with milk, it can also help you shed those extra kilos you keep complaining about to no avail. As such, nutritionists on more than one occasion have vouched for the magical recipe, which is a fine aid to weight loss. However, it is to be understood that Haldi or Turmeric alone can never function to help you lose weight and needs to be paired effectively with a proper and clean diet. Weight loss is a time taking process and no matter what you see or hear nobody has been able to achieve such a feat overnight. Crash diets and complete abstinence from sugary meals too fail to offer the desired result. In comparison to other dietary routines, the homebrew of Turmeric and milk accounts for a powerful blending of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, as well as anti-inflammatory agents. When placed together in one single drink, they do impart acceleration to fat loss for good.

What Kind of Milk Should One Use With Turmeric?

While Turmeric plays the roost here, the kind of milk that one uses to go along with it has a lot to do to bring about the desired effect. According to leading medical experts and nutritionists, the best kind of milk to go along with Turmeric should be the regular kind, i.e., full-fat milk sourced from a local dairy. Typically, these are the ones that carry no labels or packaging from a particular brand. For those who in a remote location where it’s a bit difficult to get milk, free-grazing cows are seemingly the best option. All milk varieties which are widely marketed today like almond, soy, oat, and others aren’t sustainable options and can go bad in a few hours, if not refrigerated. However, one can still use them and totally reap the benefits of Turmeric.

Choosing Your Turmeric Wisely

Naturally and locally grown, Haldi seems to be the finest form of Turmeric to be used alongside milk for maximum health benefit. When looking to use Turmeric in milk, take a whole pinch of it, more or less the same amount that one normally uses in the form of tadka while cooking vegetables or lentils. Choosing the right amount of Turmeric in your food also accounts for adequate absorption of Curcumin, which in the long run, can function to prevent several deadly diseases like cancer.

Wrap Up

Turmeric, as an essential herb, has always remained a popular choice for people of all ages and any health condition. The best way one can enjoy a glass of Haldi wala doodh is to sip it slowly and relish the delicate aroma and soothing flavor to the fullest! Have you ever consumed turmeric milk for general good health or as a cure to an ailment? Write to us about your experience and how you were benefitted from it.

Joe Maillet

Joe Maillet is an avid reader and a writer by heart. He is an author, freelance writer and a contributor writer, who write articles and blogs for various leading online media publications and for CEO and entrepreneurs from across the world. He keeps himself updated with the latest marketing trends and always recognized in the industry for providing solutions to B2B and B2C businesses.

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