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Healthcare is expensive and continues to be more expensive every day. Many times the mistakes and inefficiency in healthcare cause problems that could have been avoided. Some of these problems are fatal. Consequently, you can reduce them by just being efficient.

Strengthen Healthcare Coordination

There are cases where a patient needs more than one doctor and a nurse. This is mostly for people who are suffering from chronic diseases and people of old age. The care must be coordinated in a way that all the medical practitioners taking care of the patient know what medications and procedures have been given to the patient. Through a miscommunication, the doctors can misdiagnose and give the patient medicine with a harmful reaction to the patient’s body. Lack of coordination in handling patients can lead to the expensive cost of healthcare, fatal illnesses, and in some serious cases, death.

Very many healthcare-related miscommunication cases happen when handing off patients from one health provider to the other. Through technology, caregivers can view all the medical records of the patient. Investing in technology breaks down the communication barriers between health providers and they can consult each other on a patient’s health and medication. The communication between health providers taking care of the same patient helps improve the patient’s health, avoid misdiagnosis, and reduce readmissions.

Automated Communication for Healthcare

Patients missing medical appointments and forgetting medicine should be a thing of the past. Patients, especially the older ones that forget things easily, should be reminded about their appointments and their prescriptions by using some type of text messaging for healthcare service. These enable healthcare facilities to provide mass testing and communication to their patients. With this type of service, patients can subscribe to receive reminders on what medicine needs to be taken at a particular time. The good thing about communicating important information to your patients is the trust you gain from them. You build a strong relationship with your patients who see you have their interests at heart.

With these messages, you can also track the patient’s subscription and whether they need to come back for a check-up and a medicine refill. Through tracking, you can also manage the communication with your patient and the services that you need to provide to them. The messages and calls between you and your patient are recorded for future reference. They are medical records that can be used to track back if any medical problem occurs. These services improve transparency between caregivers and patients. The messaging and calling services are automated and you can schedule personalized messages in advance. You can easily track the patient’s health and improvement. If you need to bring them in for further tests and diagnosis, you can schedule them on the platforms. 

Simplify Administration

Anyone who works in the healthcare industry will tell you the headaches that come with healthcare complexity. The biggest problem is the health insurance companies. They complicate their health covers. All the private health insurance companies have their unique payment practices. The government body that regulates insurance practices ends up complicating the administration process. The body rarely gives solutions to the problems caused by insurance companies. The administration process that needs to be reducing fraud and errors is not efficient as a result. The administration costs are very high. Consequently, the cost of administration does not translate to better healthcare. The quality of healthcare is the same.

The government body that oversees health insurance should regulate the payment processes to one universal payment method. Insurance companies should comply and compete on the services they provide, not payment practices. The administration process should be simple. Time spent on the administration desk should also be reduced. There should be a dedicated desk for those that have an insurance premium and those that do not possess one. Standardization of the mandate that the insurance covers under the principle of indemnity can reduce the administration cost by over $20,000 per doctor annually.


Healthcare efficiency is important to save lives, money, and time. Many times people rush to save a patient when it is too late and that could have been avoided by being alert and keen. Taking care of the patient should be a priority before anything else. Embrace the simplicity that technology brings to healthcare.

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