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A fresh coat of paint adds charm and personality to your house and also acts as a defence against weather and other damages. This gives us a valid reason to include painting into our house maintenance and plan which colours, shades, and paint styles you can use to beautify your home with. 

If you plan on listing and selling your house on the market, house painting would be the simplest yet inexpensive way to increase your house value. According to HomeGain 2012 Top DIY Home Improvements for Seller survey, Painting the interiors of the house will result in a 107 % return on investment (ROI), and painting the exteriors leads to a 55% ROI.  

Painting the Interiors

Select warm and neutral shades of colours to create a nice edgy look for the house. Warm and neutral colours in the interiors come highly recommended by the experts as they bring out an effortless yet chic appeal, shades of tans, beiges, greys are used. White’s are to be avoided as they are stiff and hard to maintain. These warm and neutral shades make the house look spacious and bring the bright light inside. 

Painting the Exteriors 

Painting the exteriors of your house is like painting the line of defence as it protects your house from sun, rain, wind, heat, cold and bacteria. 

Potential buyers see the exteriors of your house first, and you want the buyers to be impressed. A freshly painted house makes the decision easy for the buyers as they won’t have to spend extra on painters Auckland trust. 

Paint Your Bedroom

Get your bedroom walls painted professionally in beige or any warm neutral shades from the painters in Auckland. The deep-toned shades or pop colours look great for a comfortable bedroom appeal but don’t look fresh & neat to the buyers in the market.

Paint Your Kitchen

Tuxedo kitchens are in trend and increase your house value as buyers love cabinets with dark paint on white or neutral coloured walls. Consulting a professional painter in Auckland will be the best option as they may help you with the right colour shades.

Paint Your Bathrooms

Keep your bathroom walls coloured in light shades of blue or grey to increase your home’s value. Both the shades make the bathroom look calm and relaxing and compliments the accessories by providing a perfect contrast.


The important thing to understand is when selling a house in Auckland is that the house should feel welcoming. The freshly painted walls act as a window for the potential buyers to envision themselves living in it. A few cans of paint can be considered a well-thought investment to give an instant boost to the value of your house in the market. 

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