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There was a time when most businesses used to search for local web developers who can work on their local and global projects. However, nowadays most of the tech companies have the option to look for web developers from all corners of the world as they naturally provide them with a better opportunity to find the right kind of buyers. However, a wider range of options naturally makes it harder for many business consultants to decide on which developer should they opt for when they are looking to have the best quality, robust and highly secure website for their needs.

There are many developers residing all across the globe who hold expertise in a variety of web and mobile applications, but the web developers in India are considered to be some of the best, knowledgeable and highly professional in the world and they can also deliver their solutions with extreme perfection, professionalism and at the most affordable prices as compared to developers from other geographic locations. However, it is also very important to note that not all developers working in India are the same and there can be a lot of differences in terms of the knowledge, experience, skill sets and the working style.

So here are some of the things you should think about while getting a web developer selected for your tech project.

Consider the nature of your project

Before you actually start to search for a developer who can work on your project, you need to evaluate the nature of your project and the technologies that you will need for it. For instance, you may need to ask yourself which frameworks, languages and tools will you need and do you want a developer for the whole project or just a section of a currently existing one. You also need to determine if you require maintenance and technical support after the completion of the project and whether you need to have developers with any kind of uncommon skills. The final thing that you must think about is your budget and the extent to which you can afford to have high-end technologies for the project.

When you have a better understanding of your project, it will be easier for you to find a developer that is just perfect for you. The requirements of your project will also help you to determine whether you need to have a freelancing developer or a professional web development company. Most web development companies offer standard generalized services in certain segments and specialize in some other technologies.

Salary comparison of global developers

Salary is one of the main factors which is being considered before hiring a developer. Every business owner who is looking for a quality developer always looks for the payout that a developer is asking. As per the survey conducted by StackOverflow, you can easily understand the following points:

  • Most of the developers working from India demand a lesser amount of salaries as compared to the other nations across the globe.
  • While drafting the program, Indian developers do not consider ethics.
  • You can find a majority of Indian developers who have a higher technical degree like CS, B.tech, MCA, M.tech, p.hd, etc as compared to the other nations all across the globe.
  • Web and app developers working in India have a very high population rate of the young developer which is very less as compared to other countries like USA, Australia, UK, etc.
  • All the developers in India are very professional, competitive and are extremely ambitious with respect to other countries.
  • The ratio of mobile app developers is also high in India which is very low in other countries.
  • Most Indian developers are likely to be interested in all types of new hypothetical tools.
  • A high volume of Indians developers contributes a lot on various open-source platforms.

Hiring freelancers for your project

There are a number of projects that are better suited for freelancers. So let’s have a look at them.

When you are looking to find web programmers in India, you will come across numerous freelancers who are best suited for short term projects. Freelancers generally prefer to work on shorter contracts. Only in some rare cases, they might be interested to take on larger projects. They are more suited for low resource requirements as they tend to have access to limited hardware. So unless your web development project cannot be handled by working on a simple laptop, it is most likely that they are not going to work on that.

The freelancers are more interested in working on projects that require niche skills. So if you want to have a project developed with some kind of uncommon technology, it would be good for you to consult a freelancer who specializes in it.

Another great thing about freelancers is that they tend to have really flexible working hours. This means that while you can have the opportunity to chat with them or get into a conference at odd hours, you may not expect them to work at regular hours. Another advantage of hiring freelancers is that they can work at very low prices, which means that you do not have to spend large amounts of money to get their expertise. It is important that you still consult a leading web and software development companies in India for further help once your project is completed.

Working with professional web development companies

One of the best things about working with large companies that excel in web development and software development in India is that they are well versed about all small and large facets of web development. They can easily work on large projects and also have the technical infrastructure to test websites before they are launched. They also deliver higher quality assurance than most of the small-time freelancers. You can also get in touch with them any time you want as they typically have a 24/7 customer service schedule. It is due to this reason most large companies prefer to hire their expertise while managing their web development requirements.


By keeping the above ideas in mind, you can have a better chance to find a web developer who perfectly meets all your needs. Companies that offer web development in India have a better chance to deliver you smart end solutions when you discuss your needs with them in great detail. In this way, you can have the technical expertise you need to enhance your position in a highly competitive market.

I hope, I have covered each and every detail required before you decide to hire an India developers. We would be glad to accept your views or suggestions regarding the content. You can contact us directly through our comments section.

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