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There is something generally common between all IT professionals. They are all innovators and achievers. Kishore Pallapothu is one such example. A Mechanical Engineer who did a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Texas A&M University, the tech entrepreneur founded ChoozeHire in 2017 with a unique goal that has transformed the recruitment industry.

What is ChoozeHire?

Kishore Pallapothu founded ChoozeHire in 2017. It is a unique HR platform that takes a big deviation from traditional HR practices. Most of the activities are powered by Artificial Intelligence.AI is used to automate all the critical functions of this HR platform.The company is based out of the San Francisco Bay Area.

ChoozeHire has revolutionized the way the recruitment process and the industry work. Pallapothu’s creation has automated so many areas of the recruitment process that it is difficult to estimate the overwhelming benefits of this platform. Some of the key areas where it has benefited clients are as follows:

Saving Time to Hire

Time to hire is considered the most important recruitment success metric by HR teams. ChoozeHire helps in speeding up the hiring process. The AI algorithm can scan through tens of thousands of candidate CVs and find the applicants who are best suited for hiring. It can base its decision on your HR team’s historical hiring decisions.

On the other hand, human recruiters can take several days to scan through a few hundred CVs. AI can save valuable time by doing it instantly. Thus, HR teams can focus on more productive tasks such as conducting interviews and employer-employee relationship-building efforts.

The AI-based system also offers many advantages over an applicant tracking system (ATS). Even when an ATS can organize a large number of applications, it will still require human intervention to check the information. This HR platform can perform the same tasks within the ATS, but at a fraction of the time.

Improved Candidate Quality

ChoozeHire employs machine learning to learn about the factors that make a candidate successful in a role. It can make adjustments to what information it searches for and selects only high-quality candidates. The result is that all unqualified CVs are filtered out and only quality candidates are shortlisted by the system. This saves the HR team tons of effort and time.

Source Passive Candidates

The AI-based HR platform also automates the process of sourcing passive candidates. Traditional methods for sourcing candidates have many limitations. According to LinkedIn, a majority of candidates are not actively searching for new jobs. The percentage of passive candidates is a staggering 64%. These are candidates who are not at all seen by HR teams.

ChoozeHire can bring even these passive candidates into the sphere of applicants. Thus, high-quality profiles that may have been most likely missed by recruitment teams in the past are now being accounted for by this new system. AI can learn what job requirements are and then searches on job boards and profile databases to find high-quality passive candidates.

There are many more areas where ChoozeHire is revolutionizing the process of hiring. Kishore Pallapothu’s specialization and experience in the areas of AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Cloud Infrastructure have played an important role in helping him develop this unique HR platform. All these benefits are expected to empower HR teams in ways that could never have been imagined in the past.

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