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By KAMAL BENIWAL 2,343 views

Women Alone Can’t Be Blamed For Infertility

Society Thunders Even The Slightest Sneeze

Girl’s cry disappointment, and Boy’s shower happiness.

You are accountable if the ball is in your court, but things change when the ball centers exactly in the middle of the court. A similar situation arises on marital aspects when the ball is intentionally pushed towards Eve’s side, especially when infertility is the ball.

Global Census on Gender Infertility

Infertility in males on the global scale is around 24 million, half of the total global infertility count at 48.5 million. So, the infertility equilibrium is 50-50, equal in share between men and women.

But in India, the infertility baton is passed on to women even when their spouse is infertile.

Let us understand the aspects that mostly corner women for infertility conditions.

Chromosome Factor

After completion of the pregnancy tenure, there are lots of prayers and desire for a baby boy, and disappointment clouds in when it’s a girl. The woman is criticized for not laboring a male fetus, even though she is completely not responsible for the gender output.

The chances of a baby boy or a baby girl depend entirely on the male partner. Males have Y chromosomes and females have only “X”.

The chromosome combine of “XX” results in a girl and “XY” results in a boy. Therefore, the male shoulders the outcome of the baby’s gender, and not females.

Male Infertility

Male infertility soars in Delhi due to poor lifestyle and other urological conditions restricting men to enter fatherhood. We recommend you to book your consultation with our IVF Male Fertility Specialist to get a better fertility treatment and the IVF cost in Delhi which we offer, is competitive.

Conception fails on accounts of unfavorable medical conditions in Men, and they are–


A high fertility concern in males when vein swells and drains the testicle, and is mostly an irreversible condition. It leads to a decrease in sperm quantity and quality and hence fails conception even after unprotected sex. IVF assists in conception in varicocele, and other male infertility conditions.


Infections like HIV, gonorrhea causes blockage in the sperm passage, or/and scarring including epididymis. Infection can lead to permanent testicular damage. Even in this condition conception may not happen.

Ejaculation issues

Retrograde ejaculation is a condition in Men when the sperm flow on ejaculation is directed in another direction instead of ejecting out through the urethral channel. The sperm redirects to the bladder and in this case, there is no question of sperm hitting the egg, and therefore in no way can conception take place.

Self-Destructive Antibodies

Some antibodies fail to distinguish between healthy cells and invading organisms destroying sperms. This is also a condition of male infertility which restricts conception due to the male urological barrier.

Fixed Abdomen Position

In men, testicles remain in the abdomen and fail to descend to the scrotum which is also one of the causes of male infertility. It can happen in either of the testicles or both.

Hormone imbalances

Hormonal disorders in thyroid and adrenal glands, hypothalamus, pituitary, Low testosterone, and other hormonal problems cause infertility in Men.

Sperm Transport Defect

The sperm movement through the channels is hindered in conditions such as previous injury, surgery, infections, development of cysts, or inherited inconsistencies pass-overs. With such a condition the chances of conception are very difficult to happen. The urethral passage is often found with such complications.

IVF fertility treatment can help in conception in cases of fertility issues in Males. You may either reach out to a Urologist or an IVF expert for a better diagnosis of your condition. Make sure of comparing the IVF cost in Delhi regarding consultation and get quotes for the best IVF price in Delhi before finalizing your conception treatment decision.

What makes this deliberate thought still prevail in society making females the scapegoats.

Masculine Repute-Protect

In a household, Males have a macho reputation and when it comes to off-springs, it is virility that mirrors masculinity. Since the HE is the head of the family, his say is the like the final verdict with no ifs’ & buts’. The macro view of society on the personality of a man is strong and without any flaws.

To uphold the malefactor, conception inconsistencies are curtained to protect manhood as society quickly escalates slight medical issues in Men.

The bitterest gulp of the barren womb is then awarded on the women, in-spite she of being fertile.

Gender Dominion

The other parallel to men’s reputation factor is the male dominant society we live in. Though we talk about women’s empowerment but still lack in implementing it in full. We cannot deny the prevalence of men dominating society, and equality is a myth. This over-powered male dominance thrones women with a default infertile status.

Assumptive Accusation

Though the fertility test report is due, the females are addressed-assumed as infertile beforehand.

The evil that creeps in the society that corners females as easy prey and scapegoat to burden the cause of infertility needs national level voicing to have a system in place to address such maternal inequalities.

For infertility conditions, IVF can resort to conception.

Solution VIA IVF

Infertility can be dealt with with successful assisted reproductive technology, via IVF. It offers a feasible fertility solution which the couples in Delhi might opt from.

There are many reasons for considering Crysta IVF for your infertility treatment, but we would like to mention a few here.

The test tube baby cost in Delhi which we provide is well-sorted keeping in mind the financial aspects.

You may come across clinics quoting low IVF prices in Delhi, but it may have hidden charges which you may realize in-between your IVF procedure. 

The cost of IVF in Delhi may be high in some clinics, but it is not an authentic indicator of high-quality service. The equipment and technology we use in our lab are the most recent and updated and the IVF specialists also have credible repute.

Kamal Beniwal

I work at Crysta IVF as marketing head.