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During this period, some of us did a lot of sports at home. some of us may have moved less.

In this article, I will talk about boxing bags for the gym. what you need to know to start sports in a healthy. way and get the best efficiency after a break.

Boxing bag for gym

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The information here;

  • Getting more efficiency from sports,
  • To start sports in a healthy way away from injuries,
  • It has been prepared to allow you to exercise in a more enjoyable way.
  • we will guide not only those who will start sports for the first time but also after a break.

What happens when we take a break?

If you have not paid attention to your diet during your break from sports. it is inevitable that there will be changes in your fitness. Consider that our oxygen capacity, strength, coordination, and competence in a sport that includes practice will decrease. Of course, with all this regression, we miss it a lot. Especially if we are used to doing sports with our friends or a group. we look forward to doing sports with them and with them.

This longing can bring along a mostly hard reunion. Taking your pain in the first training can bring some injuries.. as well as a feeling of pain, mental relaxation, and a sense of reunion.

Five principles you should pay attention to in order to return to sports in a healthier and more enjoyable way.

 Our bodies don’t know how to count

When restarting sports, our brain usually remembers the last time you felt good, but our bodies are overloaded because they are not. Unfortunately, this can invite injuries.

The principle to keep in mind at this point is:

Body count

Our bodies do not know how to count; it’s about what he feels.

Your body, which works comfortably with 25 kilos before taking a break, may now feel the same effort at 15 kilos. Do not worry, this is temporary, with regular training you will get back to your old form or better. For this reason, don’t worry about the numbers and the kilos, focus on what you feel.

Start Slow

Whatever sport you do, if you have been away from it for more than three weeks, definitely apply an adaptation program. Gradually increase the loads. For example;

  • With 60% – 70% of the last weight you lifted,
  • If you are running 10 km at a slow pace with 5-6 km,
  • Instead of working in a 5-round bag, you can start with 2-3 rounds with low effort.

Workout Training

If you start slowly and do not exhaust yourself. the next day you will have the energy for complementary work and you will adapt much faster. If you have made a hard start, I put aside the painful painful period of pain you will experience, you will need more time for the next workout. For example, you will be able to do 5-6 workouts a week by starting light, but you will stay at most 2-3 workouts with hard training.

Work the whole body

Start by exercising your whole body a medium effort to adapt your body. It also applies to flexibility in lifting weights, depending on the sport you do. Starting with regional studies will mean allocating time. for the same case, maybe once a week, and extending the adaptation process.


Good fitness means not only being in good physical condition but also mentally. Studies tell us that we worry about stress and anxiety. when we consume ourselves too hard, and this reduces our productivity. Likewise, the fact that the program is too easy can cause boredom and low motivation. In this case, you can start by setting your effort to medium and higher.


If you are doing a team sport (football, basketball, etc.). or a sport that requires mutual practice (Kick Boxing, Boxing, table tennis, etc.). you will need a separate adaptation besides physical proficiency. For example, it will be healthier and more efficient to do sparring with low power. and limited technique instead of starting free sparring immediately. Because in these situations, you have to do this against another person, besides getting used to your eyes and gaining control.

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How long will I get back in shape?

The main factors that determine how long you will regain your old form after your break are:

  • How good you were before,
  • How long did you take a break?
  • What did you do during your break? (Nutrition, exercise, general mobility)
  • What kind of adaptation program you started with,
  • In this process, depending on your diet and sleep. you will start to get your old form in 3 to 5 weeks, although it varies from person to person.

I also remind you that you should always spare enough time to warm up and cool down. Especially when you return to sports.

Finally, in case you may need it in this process. you may want to take a look at our article “Everything about raw pains” .

Add movement to your life.

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