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motorcycle accident injury
By JOE MAILLET 720 views

What are Common Injuries After a Motorcycle Accident?

Most people involved in a motorcycle accident suffer severe personal injuries, with 12 percent resulting in disability. In the United States, eight percent of motorcycle crashes that are reported have resulted in serious injury. It is very important that all parties involved receive medical attention no matter how small the accident may seem. Working with a Lexington motorcycle accident lawyer will ensure that the proper steps are followed after a motorcycle crash that results in injuries. 

Common Injuries Resulting from a Motorcycle Accident 

Depending on the events, types of vehicles, and protective gear worn by the motorcyclist, there are a variety of injuries one can suffer. Familiar injuries include road rash, facial disfigurement, fractures, broken bones, burns, and other serious conditions. Injuries can result in short- or long-term disability or paralysis, and in the worst cases, it results in death. 

After a motorcycle crash, it is also common to see traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), limb amputations, or spinal cord injuries. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common injuries: 

  • Road rash may seem harmless, besides, who hasn’t scraped their knee? However, road rash is truly at another level of damage far beyond cuts, scrapes, and bruises. It can happen anywhere on the body and is extremely painful. 

If the skin that suffered from road rash is not properly healed, it can cause long-term suffering from skin irritation, infections, nerve damage, and other serious problems. It can also affect someone’s appearance, resulting in a change in their emotional state and future personality. Most road rash is prevented from using proper gear, but sometimes even heavy-duty gear proves not to be enough protection. 

  • Fractures are also sometimes not considered to be serious, but broken bones can become a big health risk. All fractures need immediate stabilization to prevent tissue damage, or even severing blood vessels. Incorrect healing of broken bones can result in disability, disfigurement, and even permanent nerve damage. Wearing protective equipment such as heavy boots and bodysuits can prevent major injuries in some cases. 
  • Traumatic brain injuries fall under the category of dangerous medical conditions. Although the patient may seem fine after the crash, there are debilitating symptoms that can develop far into the future. It is wise to allow your legal and health team to closely examine the effects your injuries may pose in the far future. 

Long-Term Effects of Serious Injuries 

Serious injuries that result in limb amputations, TBIs, paralysis, and severe burns can result in a lifetime of pain and suffering. Those who are fortunate to even be alive after these types of injuries face an uncertain future. 

The quality of life and ability to be a normal member of society is directly threatened. Often, people who recover from these conditions require professional monitoring and care for the rest of their lives. 

In the case of long-term recovery, the injuries and stress experienced after the event can lead to emotional instability. Victims can present with depression and a change in how they handle normal daily situations. In the case of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the condition can plague a victim long after the accident. 

Proper healing and support are required for the injured person to have a chance at a normal life once again. Rehabilitation requires money, which is why legal professionals are ready to step in to ensure the victim has the best chance of leading a fruitful life. 

Our legal team is committed to assisting motorcycle drivers and their families. The benefits of being under the care of an experienced legal team are invaluable. 

You can prevent serious injuries by wearing a helmet and body gear, driving defensively, and avoiding harsh road conditions. Although you cannot control other drivers on the road, if you suffer an injury due to their negligence, you are entitled to receive monetary compensation for damages for things such as pain and suffering, lost wages, diminished future opportunities, and future expenses related to your injuries. 

An accident lawyer will help you understand the law pertaining to your case and all your legal options. Suffering a motorcycle accident is a hugely difficult event; you don’t have to go through it alone.

Joe Maillet

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