Harvesting the best out of Instagram is every photographer’s dream. And you can do that pretty well if you have the right know-how of how to handle the app or web version of Instagram, and use it for spreading your best photographs and earn recognition. These are all interlinked. Understanding Instagram, taking snaps and uploading, sharing the proper way, and also spreading the words, all comes one after another.

In the long run after setting up an account and sharing some snaps, you can always take help of services like and reap more out of the social sharing site. But that’s done better when you know better how Instagram works for making you a renowned photographer.

What is Instagram?

If you are new to the web and social media, then you would definitely ask this question. Well, Instagram is a web service available in both app format for smartphones, and website format for computers. This service allows you to share photos directly from your device and is primarily the one-stop solution and choice for smartphone snap catchers.

If you own a smartphone, and take random and frequent snaps, and want to share them online, and even back them up in the cloud, then Instagram is the perfect place for you. Besides, this rich social media site, which has gone viral over the last few years, is popular mainly for its wonderful photo sharing options.

While a similar social site Facebook focuses on all forms of media and textual information sharing, Instagram is mainly dedicated to photography. That is why it’s a photographers’ paradise, especially when you are only involved in smartphone photography. Besides, here you can upload our photos directly from your smartphone to your profile via the mobile app.

There are options for photo sharing, communicating with other users who may be your follower or someone you are following. And you can like pictures, get yours liked, share yours and share others’ pics, and so on. Basically, it’s the photography-based version of similar sites like Facebook.

How can it help you get famous as a photographer?

Instagram is a brilliant way for a budding photographer to shine, earn recognition, and make a name. That’s because it serves you with plenty of options to share your photos instantly. You can get global the moment your picture is online. And for this, you need not put on any extra effort. You simply must have the Instagram app on your mobile, and share any photo you want to directly from the mobile through the app.

Lots of sharing methods, direct methods to parallelly share on Twitter, Facebook, etc. makes this app a smart app for photo sharing. And what you see on your account or any other’s account is all photos. No lengthy text, emojis, etc. would block and interfere with your vision, and blocks of square photos would only be adorning the screen. This fetches every piece of graphic or photo the perfect attention it deserves. And since you can comment on a photo or like it, and get similar responses for yours, it opens windows for growing recognition and reputation as a good photographer.

What about privacy?

One of the main concerns photographers have is about appropriate sharing of safety and privacy. Seeing your photos getting stolen can be the worst thing to happen to you, and as the creator, you would not want it.

If you want total privacy by showing your pictures, then you can get it. Instagram allows for making your account public or private. If you are public, then whatever you post would be visible to anyone visiting your profile. But if you have set privacy settings for your account, then only your followers will be able to see the pics. Basically, on being private, you will be selecting whom to make a follower or not by permitting every request and deleting the ones which you don’t want.

Also, there are smart ways to secure and protect your artwork, graphics, pictures, etc. online. You may use any of these options:

  • Use watermark
  • Use digital or invisible watermark which is basically embedded codes
  • Use services like bound, which would instantly inform you once they detect through their algorithm any sort of downloading or stealing of your work without your consent.

There are many such services online to protect your photos, but very few like Instagram which can bring your recognition at viral speed.

The joy of sharing

You can discover the immense joy in sharing with Instagram. The speed, the multiple options, and the many social sites you can reach parallelly make it a crazy app for photo lovers. You can share a photo here, and then parallelly share it in an instant on your other social media site accounts. This way you double, triple, and keep on increasing the number of people on various platforms who can view your pictures. It’s just one upload to Instagram, and then the click on a few links which makes this happen so smoothly and effortlessly.

Growing likes and followers

When you reach through Instagram, you actually give your photography a perfect platform for sharing. There are lots of filters on the app, which lets you add more style, color, customization, shading, doodles, and notes on your snaps. This way, you can really customize and make things look even perfect and better. That is why the filters make Instagram a more happening place for photo sharing enthusiasts.

Once you develop a nice bunch of followers, especially with the help of services which increases activity, likes, and followers, you can actually soar to new heights. You would not just get recognition, but eventually can link Instagram to your online photo gallery or portfolio website. And then you can use the app for SEO and social media marketing of your artwork and graphics. This way you can brand your image and work, and gain awesome recognition right from the comfort of you working desk at home or office.

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