Installing Solar System With Borg Energy India During This Pandemic

  Precautions to be taken while installing solar system during coronavirus pandemic

The outbreak of coronavirus has changed the process of working all over the world. The private sector, government, institutions, industrial and other sectors were on hold for many months to curb the spread of the deadly virus.  Remote working and working without physical contact are now the new norms since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. With many precautions taken to put the coronavirus at bay, the government of India has eased the lockdown in the country and has allowed many sectors including the renewable energy sector to carry out their operations remotely.

Due to the lockdown, many people are now working from home and had to pay a huge amount of money for their electricity bills. Homeowners are now opting for the residential solar rooftop to reduce their electricity bill, says Boaz Augustin, Founder of Borg Energy India. “To minimize the spread of coronavirus, the process of installing a residential solar system is now carried out in a more hygienic manner with many precautions put in place as recommended by the health organizations,” he adds.

Read on as Boaz Augustin, Co-Founding Father of Borg Energy India and solar energy expert takes us through precautions to be taken while installing a solar system during the coronavirus pandemic.

Virtual solar appointment

Many renewable energy companies are now offering virtual appointments through telephone or video conferencing software such as zoom and many more. The final quotes and agreement are done through in-person meetings while observing social distance, sanitizing their hands, and using a face mask all through the meeting. This is to adhere to the government regulations to prevent the spread of coronavirus and also protect your household as well as the company’s staff from contracting the virus.

Contactless site visit

Before installing the solar panel on your rooftop, a complete survey must be carried out on your rooftop to know its dimensions, material used, and many more. Roof measurement tools are used to measure and survey the rooftop instead of going to the site. This method is faster and also reduces physical contact with people.

Safe product delivery

The rooftop solar panels are designed remotely and delivered to the residential site for installation. All the panels and other equipment to be used are carefully sanitized, packed safely, and delivered to the installation site by the solar system company through their truck. The drivers and other team members also go through thorough medical checkups, use face masks and sanitizers to keep them safe, and ensure proper hygiene while transporting the product, explained Boaz Augustin | Borg Energy India. Physical contact and interaction with the customer are also avoided throughout this process.

Social distance during installation

“The engineers and other workers assigned by the renewable energy company for the installation of solar rooftop panels are well trained to maintain social distance and proper hygiene during the process”, says Boaz Augustin.  They sanitize their tools before and after the installation and wear a face mask for prevention.

Safety measures during installation

Everyone working at the installation site wears safety gloves and other important protective gear throughout the installation. Physical contact with the customer is prohibited and all the equipment is sanitized regularly. Also, medical tests are carried out on everyone before installing the residential solar system and anyone who is sick will not be allowed.  Every team member is also quarantined for a minimum of 14 days to ensure the safety of other members and detect any symptoms of coronavirus. There is no sharing of equipment and personal belongings such as a lunchbox, water bottles, and many more during installation processes. Everyone is provided with their own equipment, educated and trained on the basic health hygiene recommended by the World Health Organisation.  The engineers are also well trained on how to take precautionary measures If they need the intervention of the customer during the installation of the solar panel rooftop. Hence, the customer is protected and has no chance of contacting the coronavirus.

Online documentation and monitoring

After installation of the rooftop solar panel, it’s workings are monitored online through monitoring apps to avoid physical contact with customers and the entire house. The documentation process such as insurance policy, liaising and many more are completely done online to curb the spread of coronavirus through physical documents.

There and many more are the measures put in place to ensure everyone maximum safety while still carrying out their duties.

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Boaz Augustin
Boaz Augustin
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