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Travel Hacks
By CYNTHIA YOUNG 1,229 views

6 International Travel Hacks You Might Not Know

For your trip to be 100% successful, you need to be prepared for it. And no, we’re not even talking about tickets and reservations. In this article, we will share with you practical travel hacks that will make your trip easier, thoughtful, interesting and economical.

1. It Is More Profitable to Get Local Currency from ATM

Very often, travelers are afraid to insert their card in a local ATM, because they fear hidden fees for converting and issuing cash. However, practice proves that exchanging dollars or euros for local currency in exchangers is even less profitable. Owners of exchange services know that local currency is necessary for tourists, and do not hesitate to ask for higher commissions.

This is also true for airports – here you will pay the largest commission for converting currencies, plus you will be forced to stand in a long line.

The best option is to find a cash machine from one of the leading banks in the country and simply withdraw the local currency directly from your card. But do not take off too much – foresee your spending in such a way that you have enough of this money to pay for entertainment or travel when it is impossible to pay with a card. Still, storing money on a card is the safest way on a trip.

2. Here Is a Way to Book Your Flights Cheaper during Travel Trip

Modern marketing and sales work on data, and airlines are also aware of this. Therefore, when you look at affordable tickets and prices, you leave a trace of the data — the airline will know your IP address as a minimum and, also, will receive all the data about you that you left in your profile.

The next time you go to the airline’s website, you can see that prices have become much higher. And no, this will not be due to market fluctuations but because the airline has understood your intentions and wants to earn more on your desire to go on a trip.

Yes, of course, everyone needs to earn money, and you need to get more impressions for less money. Moreover, neither the service on board nor the duration of the flight will not change because you pay more.

In order not to be caught on this hook, simply switch to Incognito mode or use a VPN to see more honest prices.

3. It Is Very Easy to Overcome the Language Barrier

If you are worried that it will be difficult for you to be in a country the language of which you do not know, then, on the one hand, you are right. It will be a reasonable decision to learn at least a basic set of phrases in the language of the local population so that you at least have the opportunity to start a polite conversation. And then, sign language and a translation application will help you.

Of course, if you need a 100% accurate translation of an official document, then you should contact The Word Point translation service. But if you need to translate a few phrases to communicate with the locals, find out the price of products or a route, then Google Translate functionality will be enough for you. Just download this app to use it without an internet connection.

4. Get any Wifi Password You Need

It is quite expensive to use mobile communications and the Internet abroad. The only way to save money is to find a place with a good Wifi connection. And no, you don’t have to order something to get a password – it’s enough to use the Wi-Fi Map application to get a password for accessing the Internet, regardless of location.

5. Always Have a Photocopy of your Passport during Travel Trip

No, this is not for the case if you lose your passport or it is stolen – we wish these situations never touched you. Just practice shows that sometimes it is more reasonable to leave your passport in the hotel safe and go for a walk around the city without valuables. Pickpocketing flourishes in any country and city in the world, and you will feel calmer knowing that all your values ​​are protected. Plus, if the police want to check your documents, you can always show a photo of your passport, and you will not need to go into the bowels of your backpack for this. And this will save you from problems with the law, for example, if you accidentally violated a certain rule and carried a forbidden cargo, such as the 308 Winchester.

6. Do Not Forget your First-Aid Kit during Travel Trip

This is not even a life hack, but a rule that should be put in first place on our list. It would seem that the need to have a first-aid kit on the trip is obvious, but not many travelers use this recommendation. Unfortunately, the law of meanness is valid in all countries without exception, and most often in those cases where you least expect it.

Therefore, no matter what cases are covered by your insurance (unless of course, you have issued it before the trip), you always need to have a basic set of medicines for the most common ailments – headaches, colds, and food poisoning.

This is especially important if you are traveling to a country where medicine is quite expensive, as well as medicines that you can buy at the pharmacy. Therefore, if you do not want to spend your budget on buying medicines or paying for the services of a doctor, then you need to deceive the law of meanness – always buy full travel insurance and take a basic set of the most necessary medicines with you.


Traveling is always fun, and with our travel hacks, your trips will be even smarter and optimized. Feel free to use them and never deprive yourself of an opportunity to see a new place and meet new people.

Cynthia Young

Cynthia Young loves taking every opportunity to share her knowledge with others. Also, she works in translate service The Word Point.