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By SHAFQAT M. 6,396 views

Ukrainian Translator for Interpreting & Document Translation

The war in Ukraine has forced millions to leave their homes and find shelter in neighboring countries. According to news reports, 4.2 million have left Ukraine and entered Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, and Romania. One of the consequences of this humanitarian crisis has been the rising demand for language services.

The challenge for these refugees does not end with their fleeing from the perilous situation back home. Way more difficult challenges lie between escaping and rebuilding lives in a foreign country. Foreign in terms of language spoken there, and culture. To help Ukrainian refugees resettle in a country other than home poses linguistic challenges that could only be overcome by making translation and interpreting services accessible to them. 

Locate Translate, one of the leading language service providers in the UK,  is home to a vast pool of Ukrainian and Russian interpreters and translators who offer interpreting and document translation from Ukrainian to English, Russian to English, and vice versa. 

Kinds of language solutions Locate Translate can provide:

  • Medical Interpreting – Of course, among those who have fled Ukraine, some may have been patients already who need access to healthcare in the host country as well. And in order to do so, medical interpreting is imperative given Ukrainians speak a different language than the healthcare professionals of the countries they flee to. To help bridge the language gap, Locate Translate can assign trained medical interpreters to assist with dispensing medical care to Ukrainians.


  • Legal Interpreting – Legal interpreters have to be court-approved to offer any kind of service in a legal setting. Luckily, Locate Translate only hires court-approved interpreters to provide law firms and legal professionals with legal interpreting to and from Ukrainian.


  • Document Translation – According to The Washington Post, the US is committed to accepting 100000 refugees from Ukraine. That means, out of many things, the need for document translation from Ukrainian to English will become inevitable for Ukrainians. Locate Translate specializes in certified, sworn, notarized, legalized, and official translation of documents

Then there are media houses that have reports on the ground to help share refugees’ stories with the world but find themselves handicapped by the language barriers. News corporations can leverage the linguistic talent of Locate Translate by hiring translators and interpreters to communicate freely with Ukrainian refugees in order to tell their stories.

The point of providing these services is to help. Accessibility is the biggest issue refugees face when it comes to language solutions. Only a few manage to get them, and the rest are left without any language support, which is equally important as other kinds of assistance being provided to those who are forced to flee their home country due to war, civil unrest, and other natural or manmade calamities.

The latest crisis that has unfolded in Ukraine after the Russian conquest forced millions out of their homes in order to take refuge or shelter in countries that are foreign, though neighbors.  But in this humanitarian crisis, language service providers worldwide have made efforts to help. One can’t help through monetary means only. In fact, leveraging one’s skills can also make a huge difference if timely services are made available to anyone needing them.

That’s why translators from across the globe have been at the forefront of helping refugees to resettle and process applications. And in this, they have also been helping media reporters there on the ground covering the war, to translate to and from Ukrainian and Russian. This back and forth communication enabled reporters to share the stories of refugees in an emphatic manner, helping their stories reach billions of people from around the world, no matter what language they spoke.

Translators have proved that languages are meant to connect, not divide. And that it’s no longer a barrier between one linguistic group and the international community. Leveraging its connecting power, languages can raise awareness about local issues and make them truly global so that humanity as a whole could act collectively. When voices are raised in unison, it just multiples the impact of the voice of the voiceless and oppressed, as has been vindicated by the outpouring of support for refugees.

Locate Translate too has been making efforts to make translation and interpreting as accessible as possible to the people from Ukraine. Their professionals have translated countless documents to and from Ukrainian, and specialize in 30+ languages. Under one roof, their services can be availed for interpreting, whether that be in a medical or legal setting, and document translation, whether that be of birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, VISA, academic transcript, wills, bank accounts, passports, etc.

Using these services, refugees could accelerate their immigration process when they have the translated versions of their documents available with them, to present before officials. These are unprecedented times, not just for Ukrainians, of course, they have suffered the worst, but also for the whole world because it could spiral out of control at any time.

Shafqat M.

Shafqat M. holds a master's in English Literature. He Has been helming content creation projects for the last four years. Currently, he is employed as Head of Content at Locate Translate.