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Woode Acp Sheets
By ANIL KUMAR 3,559 views

Introduction to Alutech’s ACP Sheets

ACP sheets are great, but when you get them from the best company it becomes all the more beneficial. ACP sheets are undoubtedly the best product to use to renovate the exterior of your building or to improve the interior design of your home. No matter where you use, it is surely going to improve the overall look of your house or the commercial building.

There are various ways to use ACP sheets, but it is also important to know how you can use them. Here, we will discuss everything that concerns you regarding ACP sheets. Let us begin.


ACP sheets or Aluminium Composite Panels are nothing but a flat sheet which is made with two aluminium sheets, it basically contains rubber and aluminium. You can mould them as you want, give them any structure and use them for exterior wall cladding, cabinets for the kitchen, and more.

The Thickness

The thickness of the ACP sheets will depend on the height of the structure. However, they are available in 1mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, and more. The thicker ACP sheets are used mainly for exterior cladding of corporate buildings, residential building, and offices.

Different types of ACP sheets

ACP sheets can be used in different areas. They are available in different types and also in different colours. You can pick any colour as per your taste. They are available in a glossy finish, solid colours, silver and gold, black, white, blue, red, and much more. Not just this you can also pick natural wood ACP sheets and even natural stone. If you are looking for the best natural stone distributors, then Alutech is your brand.

Features of ACP sheets

• They are extremely lightweight when you compare it with the other steel sheets.

• They are extremely durable and last longer. The sheets have a hard coating and that keep that sheets away from corrosion.

• ACP sheets are fire retardant. It will keep your building safe from catching fire.

• Since they are lightweight they can be installed easily

• They are highly cost-effective

• They are also available in various colours, you can either choose the glossy colours or the solid colours as per your choice.

• They are extremely easy to maintain as well. Also, they can be re-used.

• They don’t get affected by any weather. It doesn’t matter if it’s raining or extremely sunny. They will not lose their essence.

Application of ACP sheets

Gone are days when ACP sheets were only limited to constructing exteriors of the building cladding. Now, they are also used for home interiors as well. It can be used as decorative materials, you can create abstract walls, or use it to improve the look of your kitchen room, you can use it as a false ceiling too. Not just this, they can be used in bathroom, doors, kitchens, balcony, living room, bedroom, and more. ACP sheets are gaining popularity more and more. You will even see them in spas and salons.

I believe we have mentioned every piece of information that you needed for ACP sheets. Pick any of the ACP sheets that you want to use because ACP sheets are going to overhaul the look of your building’s exterior and interiors. Go creative and create an abstract look or even a 3D look. How you decorate it is completely on you.

Anil Kumar

Anil Kumar is a Digital marketing expert and working as a Sr. SEO in renowned digital marketing agency Addictive Media. He has five years plus experience in the digital marketing arena. He helps many big brands to rank on Google’s first page and improve their sales through digital marketing platforms.

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