George Schiaffino

George Schiaffino

You will always experience up and down of the market as it all depend on the various scenarios, surely we have no control over it. But, yes, you can assure a regular source of income for your better living standard. Now you must think how this could be possible that at the market down as well you can assure the profit?

The trick is finding the second source of income by making investments in real estate. Even at a time when you are facing up and downs of the market. As providing space to rent to some other in need could help you with monthly or annual regular income at the phase of the markets.

Apart from this one example mentioned above by George Schiaffino their essential points that you must follow to become a Real Estate agent entrepreneur and reduce your risk to fall in the trap.

Scarcity of Research

No sooner you had a plan or a money to invest. Then you start your searches for various options where you can invest. Also at the same time meet different broker and entrepreneur to understand the best opportunities for yourself. The more you search, the more you understand. And get in contact with better sources that could help you to get the better deal on easy negotiation.

Awful Financing

Possessing a compassionate nature toward anyone is an another thing when you can help a needy person each time. But it becomes very crucial for you to keep a stick approach at a time when you are dealing with real estate business. Moreover, you can take help of network marketing trainer that could help you to maintain the records of your business and accelerate your progress rate.


One more disadvantage of not seeking for perfect searching is that you during at a time when there is great fluctuation in cost depending upon up and down of the market. You not able to get the information from different sources. This will cut short your opportunities of grabbing some real fruitful deal at the cost-effective price. As overpaying at the time of investment could lead you to future loss.

Wrong Estimation of Expenses

This is the biggest mistake that is faced by many real estate agent entrepreneurs at the time of their career. Starting as one has to keep many things in mind while when they have to excel in their business. So, if you are neglecting or keeping a wrong estimation of expenses. It could lead you to major losses as your profit will be consumed in your other expenses.

These are the few things that you must keep in mind, according to George Schiaffino that will help you in investing in real estate in up and down markets.

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George Schiaffino
George Schiaffino is the real estate mogul at Rebate Realty. He has worked for 40 years in the real estate and made over one million dollars listing. At the age of 24 he owned a successful real estate company with over 100 agents.