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Invisalign braces
By ANDREW MILLAR 1,510 views

Your Life Changes with Invisalign Braces Just as Your Smile

Invisalign braces are now just an integral of childhood. Whether a kid likes it or not the kit is simply unavoidable during their growing up days. But the benefit of wearing those kits shows itself on its own in later life. Apparently, the braces are meant to straighten the teeth. But in actuality, they deliver many other benefits as well. Braces help retain weak, screwy teeth. It helps to fix problems like both gapped and overcrowded teeth. It also helps to resolve the issues of both overbite and underbite. Invisalign braces provide a significant change to your life and that change comes with some experience worth sharing. Dental braces are your best bet for a healthier and more beautiful smile. Last but least, the more cooperative and agreeable you are with wearing braces the faster and successful the treatment ends.

Brushing and Flossing while you are on Braces :

What was the level of your dental hygiene before braces entered your life? The truth is most individuals do not have or maintain sound oral hygiene before switching to braces. However, once you are on braces this is your best chance to notch up the game. Properly treating your teeth and the gums become more significant with the braces on.  In simpler words, you are expected to be more responsible with brushing and flossing the teeth day in and day out once switching over the braces. In fact, you have to take the braces out every time while brushing and flossing. Else you have to be ultra-cautious so as not to bring any damage on the braces and other supporting peripherals like wires.

Certain foods and drinks contain high levels of acids. Those foods and beverages are a constant source of damage to the teeth and gums. The acidic content in those substances wears out or corrodes the outermost surface of the teeth or enamel. Some of the high-corrosive food substances are crucial for the body. But while you are on braces it is better to avoid those foods and switch over the low corrosive ones instead. It is a well-known fact that sugary foods and drinks are harmful to the teeth. Even high-calorie and popular snacks like potato chips may cause tooth decay if in the long run. Fizzy drinks are extremely popular across the ages. But these sugary drinks contain acidic zing and are one of the major reasons behind oral cavities.

On the other hand, the saliva or spit in the mouth is nature’s choice to prevent tooth and gum decay. Saliva formation in the mouth for a lengthy period of time washes away the harmful corrosive effect of those acidic foods and beverages. Thus, oral health experts suggest one should always restrict to three suppers a day and two-bite or munch times to keep the teeth and the gums safe and healthy. In between, you can drink as much water as you can to keep the body hydrated. It is relevant mentioning that filtered water in many cases does not contain fluoride – one of the key elements crucial to keeping the teeth strong and healthy.

Taking care of your health and well-being while on Braces:

You should better not clean the mouth with the braces on. This is because to prevent any damage to the attachment. Even if you do, extra caution must be taken. In the following section let us explore few basics of cleansing the mouth properly while you are on braces.

Take off the braces and other supporting peripherals every time before brushing and flossing.

Make use of fluoride toothpaste and a toothbrush having soft bristles.

Hold the brush at an angle of 45 degrees with the jawline and apply gentle pressure making circular movements while brushing.

Brush no more than about 2 minutes; else that may wither away the enamel coating of the teeth.

If you are brushing with the attachments on, do press the toothbrush gently into the gap between the wire and the teeth. Apply the toothbrush on the supports with great care and tenderness. Brush in and around the entire sections of the wires. Make sure the bristles reach out under the wires. Modern technology has gifted toothbrushes that are controlled by batteries. Use those toothbrushes to make your task easier.

Ideal diet while on Braces :

The diet you choose plays an important role while you are on braces. Your orthodontist will definitely give you extensive guidance over the matter. You must avoid sticky, hard, and chewy food items during those days. Such food items may bring damage to the braces. Fixing damaged braces is possible but that stretches the overall treatment time. Avoid popcorns, crunchy chocolates, nuts, apples, hard-baked cookies, and other items to ensure smooth hassle-free movement of the teeth. Ice is a hard substance. Crunching ice cubes can also damage your braces. At the same time, you have to refrain from chewing nails and pen caps as well. Nail-biting and pen-chewing habits result in damaging dental braces more than anything else.

Be careful about your Braces :

Even if you are careful with the braces in the best possible way little wear and tear is natural. What do you do in such cases? This question is crucial for everyone. Well, your action depends on the level of risk it exposes you to. If you suffer from acute pain and/or are accompanied by bleeding just rush to your orthodontist right away. Such cases demand immediate intervention by a specialist. While you are on braces it is important to refrain from body contact sports and games. Even many adventurous sports are better to be avoided during those days.

These days, Invisalign braces are in huge demand. Made from clear, transparent, and flexible plastic these braces remain discreet inside your mouth. These are also called adult braces. Unlike the conventional metal braces, the modern ones save you from embarrassment.

Andrew Millar

Digital Marketing Specialist and an author at Allperfectstories.com