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hotel security
By JAMES SHRIDER 325 views

Is Hotel Security Necessary?

Most people have never considered the need for or the purpose of hotel security. It is often the job positions that are overlooked or unseen that play some of the most crucial roles in ensuring a business runs smoothly during its day-to-day operations. This is precisely the case with hotel security guards. While at the surface level, hotel security may seem overkill, there is a multitude of reasons why hotel security guards are a crucial part of any successful hotel.

Consider the Anonymity

When it comes to hotels, rarely are there any long-term residents. Instead, new guests are filtering in and out every single day. As such, it is difficult to easily determine who is actually staying there. Thus, for those with less than honorable intentions, it can be easy to slip in and out undetected. Front desk staff, managers, and other employees do their best to ensure proper protocol is followed and that key cards only get into the hands of those staying at the hotel. However, despite their best efforts, with so many other responsibilities, it can be difficult to be aware of everything that is occurring. Security guards, on the other hand, serve the primary purpose of identifying suspicious people or activities, ensuring that those who are inside are authorized to be there.

Escalation of Violence

In years past, people thought little of violence occurring at places that were by default considered safe. Every year, this illusion of safety is further reduced as riots, mass shootings, bomb threats, and other acts of violence permeate society. Whether you are eating out at a restaurant, shopping at the store, or staying at a hotel on your vacation, there is never any way to fully predict what might happen. Simply put, people have a propensity for evil. Thus, at any time, a person or persons may choose to target a “safe” location (like a hotel) intentionally or randomly. In such an event, security guards become absolutely essential in keeping guests and employees safe. Not to mention, guards have training in crisis response, emergency evacuation, negotiation, criminal detention, and how to contact the proper authorities in the event of an emergency.

Issues of Theft

Hotels are a tantalizing environment for thieves. Persons traveling to visit relatives out of town, on vacation, or on business, will likely travel with their jewelry, electronics, souvenirs, purses, and briefcases. Thus, behind every hotel door is a treasure trove of assets just waiting to be taken. When you consider that these items will be left unattended in rooms, while visitors are out and about sightseeing/conducting business, the threat of theft grows considerably.

Certainly, this begs the question, but what about the key card? Most people assume their belongings will be fine since they are locked securely behind a locked door. Unfortunately, far too many people are careless with their room keys or even lose them, putting their personal belongings and safety in jeopardy. Consider that many hotel guests simply lay their keycards on a table while enjoying the hotel pool and hot tub. All it takes is one dishonest person watching for an opportunity and your room could be ransacked.

Another consideration is that criminals may be watching when you enter the hotel with your luggage. While your back is turned, and you are distracted, the opportunistic thief may snatch your purse or luggage and be long gone before you even realize what has occurred. Therefore, guards are crucial for the security of your personal belongings and valuables. They are the ever-watching eyes, surveilling the hotel and quickly identifying suspicious behavior and/or criminal activity. This proactive response often allows for guards to stop the thief in their tracks, protecting your assets and giving you peace of mind to enjoy your vacation.

Human Trafficking

In recent years, the issue of human trafficking has grown in both prevalence and awareness. One place the victim is often taken in hotel rooms, while traveling on their journey to permanent slavery, following their abduction. Not to mention, busy hotels can provide many easy targets for trafficking or kidnapping. These serious issues, make the presence of guards much more than a luxury.

Guards can identify victims of trafficking and contact law enforcement, help locate lost children, or implement a lockdown if a child/teen goes missing. Guards also provide a safe place for victims to ask for help, for lost children to be reunited with parents or reports to be made of suspicious behavior/activities. Many times, victims are located because someone noticed something and spoke up. Hotel security guards keep more than belongings safe but people too.

Parking Lot Security

Hotels are one facility that expects to see people arriving late at night. Henceforth, criminals can slip in undetected to break in and steal from vehicles, siphon fuel, or vandalize. With most guests sound asleep inside, they may not be aware anything has occurred until they check out the next morning. Parking lots are often dimly lit and house people on vacation or moving, making it likely their vehicles may have valuable items inside.

Security guards can mitigate these common issues by taking regular patrols of the parking area at random intervals. Since it is likely a guard will catch them in the act, criminals will be deterred from breaking in, stealing, or vandalizing the parking lot. Guards can also apprehend and address the situation should a brazen criminal commit an illegal act. This can be extremely helpful for the victims as the guards can assist with the police report, detain the perpetrators until law enforcement arrives, preserve evidence, and prevent more severe damage from occurring.

Monitor Security Footage

Video surveillance is always a benefit; however, if there is no one watching it, it will do little to prevent crime. With security guards, footage can be consistently viewed day and night to help ensure the entire premises is always monitored. While foot patrols are extremely helpful in deterring crime and covering areas that cannot be seen via camera, a guard can only be at one place at a time. Hence, regularly monitored security footage in correspondence with regular, random foot patrols can provide more comprehensive security throughout the hotel and its parking lot.

No matter what type of emergency, criminal activity, or security need arises, hotel security guards make a difference. They are adept in surveillance, crisis response, CPR, first aid, and negotiation. Thus, you can result assured that the security needs of your hotel will be handled with care, keeping employees and guests safe and secure through the travels of life.

James Shrider