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tammy slaton
By AMANDA MILLS 1,015 views

Is Tammy Slaton Alive? All That You Need To Know About Season 4 Of 1000- Lb Sisters

Tammy Slaton along with her sister came to fame through the TLC show- 1000Lb sisters. The speculation on several social media channels centered on the question of whether or not Tammy Slaton is still alive. Many of Amy Halterman’s followers have recently commented on her Instagram images in search of news on the TLC star’s sister. What’s up with Tammy Slaton? Many fans’ worst nightmare would be hearing the news that Tammy Slaton has passed away. Here’s all the truth you want to know about the sisters and their weight loss journey post the show.

How Old is Tammy Slaton?

The 35-year-old Tammy Slaton was born on July 27, 1986. Tammy and her sister Amy, are from Dixton, Kentucky, and are featured in the TLC reality program 1000-lb Sisters which is a weight-loss show. Moreover, they have a reputation for their hilarious videos on their own YouTube account. It was reported in November 2021 Tammy weighed 631 pounds. Over 90,000 people have signed up to get Tammy’s content regularly.

Did Tammy Slaton Lose Weight?

Although Amy Slaton has made great strides in her weight loss journey and has become eligible for bariatric surgery, Tammy Slaton has continued to disappoint viewers. They claim that for every pound Amy has lost, Tammy has put on an equal or greater amount. For this reason, Tammy was not a candidate for bariatric surgery in Seasons 1 and 2.

In the third season, Tammy entered rehab and as per the reports she is still there due to her food addiction.

Tammy’s Struggle with COVID

Tammy had previously survived several near-death experiences before she became famous as one of the 1000-pound Sisters. Several near-death experiences have befallen Tammy, including bouts with pneumonia and a blood clot in her lungs. Doctors have warned Tammy that her life might be cut short if she doesn’t make a serious effort to lose weight. Before she could make substantial progress in her weight loss journey, Tammy became ill with COVID during season 2 of 1000-lb Sisters.

Tammy was able to recover from COVID with the aid of a breathing tube, but she still had to battle for her life. The viewers of 1000-lb Sisters were happy to learn that Tammy had survived the deadly infection, but they were left with many unanswered concerns regarding how the reality star had become infected with the coronavirus in the first place. It was only when fans saw Tammy Slaton Instagram and came to know that she was fine. 

Highlights Of Tammy Slaton – Season 3

Last year, she got into a lot of problems when her brother Chris disclosed in the season 3 finale. Tammy had to be rushed to the hospital after only one day at a food addiction rehab because she experienced breathing issues. The TLC singer was put into a medically induced coma and on a ventilator.

Amanda, Tammy’s sister, stated, “They’re telling us that her lungs have given out, and like, her body is closing down.” She also added that the family was “facing making funeral preparations” for Tammy. The waking reality star had a tracheotomy performed, which involves inserting a breathing tube into the patient’s throat. Thankfully, after three weeks in the hospital, Tammy came back to therapy.

After this health scare, In February of 2022, Tammy uploaded a TikTok video from a rehabilitation center in Ohio, giving her admirers a rare glimpse into her life. Fans will have to wait until the next season of the program premieres to learn more about her, although she hinted in the film that her weight reduction quest is going fairly well. She intends to spend the entire summer in the Ohio rehabilitation center.

Will There Be A Season 4?

The Slaton sisters, Tammy and Amy, have a lot on their plates right now. A focus should be placed on Tammy and Amy Slaton’s personal life. Both stars of 1000-Lb Sisters have much on their minds besides the show, with one in rehab and the other preparing to enter her third trimester of pregnancy.

In a brief social media conversation, Tammy Slaton confirmed that Season 4 of 1000-Lb Sisters is in production. This reaction from Tammy this winter made it seem very much like a fresh season of episodes was on the way. However, just a few weeks after giving a good response to her followers, Tammy’s brother dashed their hopes.

Chris Combs (brother of Tammy and Amy) recently responded to a question from one of his own social media fans by saying that he has not signed “any contract” for Season 4. A verbal agreement could be made with a handshake. There may be continuing conversations and planning for Season 4, but TLC has not yet announced anything and it seems like nothing definitive has been decided upon.

Would Tammy Slaton’s Sister Amy Be Part Of The Show?

Whether or not Amy would want to continue being a part of the program is another open issue.

Slaton told The Sun in early February, “I’ve been on the program for three years,” when talking about her 15-month-old son:

“In the beginning, it was simple, but now that I have Gage, it’s as if he never wants me to leave his sight. When I am at work, I feel like a terrible mother. When we’re shooting, he’s always at grandma’s. It makes me feel like I’m wasting time.”

Amy is currently 27 weeks pregnant. If the reports are to be believed, If TLC holds off on filming a new season until Tammy is finished with recovery, she may have already given birth to her second kid.

The question of season 4 is still a mystery but till then one question that pops up after Tommy Slaton’s Instagram account disappeared is if she’s dead or not.  

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