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IT Suppport
By NIKKI CROSS 1,116 views

Reasons Why it Support is Essential to your Business

In today’s business landscape, companies cannot operate effectively without some form of IT support, but great quality, professional IT support can help a company do more than just get by – it can help a company thrive.

The following are just some of the ways that effective IT support from a professional third-party managed IT services provider helps UK businesses keep a competitive edge and spend less time worrying about IT and more time making money.

Managed IT Support is provided by a third-party IT help provider which combines unlimited technical support with monitoring. With conventional IT support, an IT company is only called in when there is a problem that needs to be fixed. However, a proactive controlled IT service provider will provide proactive technical support and will collaborate with you to avoid issues before they arise.  Your managed IT services provider is paid a flat fee irrespective of the number of service requests they respond to.

Managed IT Services is an excellent option for companies that are lacking their own IT department staff but that has a strong dependency on technology.

1 – Managed IT Provides Long Term Solutions

A professional IT support provider manages and responds to IT issues before they get out of hand. The top managed IT providers implement modern, industry-standard methods, software, and hardware to reduce downtime.

2 – IT Helpdesks Give You Instant Assistance

When something goes wrong, the engineer needs to fix it, but they can most often fix it remotely. By outsourcing your IT needs to a remote help desk, you can have most of your IT issues resolved in an instant. If your issue is not software-based and cannot be solved remotely an engineer can still be dispatched to address any hardware issues.

3 – Managed IT Help Keep You Safe From Malware & Ransomware

Manages network support services keep your network safe from malware, ransomware, viruses, and malicious code.

Your managed IT services provider’s role is to optimise your network security using a mixture of antivirus software and firewall technology. They will monitor and maintain these solutions on an ongoing basis, ensuring your network and data stay protected.

4 – Ongoing Network Monitoring And Threat Detection

Don’t wait for something to go wrong. By incorporating endpoint monitoring and automated warnings and alerts, your managed IT provider can keep an eye on your IT network round the clock, handing any issues over to the IT helpdesk as they occur.

5 – Professional Record-Keeping and Detailed Notes

Data storage and management are vital in any enterprise, so it is important to get expert help in this space.

The proper involvement of a professional IT provider in the management of your data, preservation, and backup requires an assessment of your business needs, an overview of your current data environment, and the creation of a modern, stable, long-term data backup and storage solution.

6 – Get A Competitive Advantage

When you collaborate with a controlled IT provider, you’ll gain a competitive advantage over your rivals by using their services. Their expertise is invaluable when determining how to move to a cloud-based or virtualized platform, or when trying to purchase costly hardware.

7 – Give Your Customers An Improved Service

Using modern technologies including VoIP telecoms and browser-based Live Chat features, your IT provider will provide the level-up you need to make the best customer support possible.

These are just some of the services IT support companies use to help other UK businesses to waste less time fixing IT problems and more time delivering customer service.

Before you pick a managed IT provider, consider the following:

  • What IT companies are nearby and how are they rated?
  • What are the company’s specialties, and do they match yours (for example, disaster recovery or cloud services)?
  • How much do your annual IT equipment, software, and service cost currently?

Being able to answer all three of these questions will help you select your preferred managed IT provider and compare their various support plans even more easily. Once you have found a few IT providers you are interested in, you can first meet with their sales staff and compare pricing to see which provider provides the least expensive price.

It is also worth considering feedback from other business owners in the same field as you. Speak with other managers or CEOs about the IT providers they use and how they rate them. You could also reach out to other customers of your presumptive provider on social networks like LinkedIn to gauge how satisfied they are.

Nikki Cross

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