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There’s just something about owning and driving a Jaguar. Arguably the famous British car ever made, the Jaguar is the perfect combination of elegance, luxury, and safety. It is also a little bit of British heritage you can call your own.

Dating back to 1922, the Jaguar is as popular now as it ever was and has evolved over time to retain its place in the market. Whether you desire an executive car, an SUV or a sports model, Jaguar has you covered.

However, there’s a misconception that only the very wealthy can afford such a luxury. Sure, people have paid up to $15,000,000 for one, but that’s an extreme example. The fact is, you can buy the new 2019 E-Pace D150 from $47,750.

Jaguar Sunshine Coast

Jaguar’s first compact SUV offers great styling, a driver-focused cockpit, fantastic in-car technology and the latest in safety features. There are also a few nifty extras, too, like the optional activity key and the handy powered gesture tailgate. Altogether an impressive package that surely confirms you should be driving a Jaguar on the Sunshine Coast!

And here’s something you may not know; you don’t have to take your gorgeous new Jaguar back to the dealership for log book servicing.

It seems that belief actually puts some people off buying a brand new car. They are concerned they will end up paying far too much for servicing and repairs. The fact is, you can take your sleek new cat to any licensed Jaguar service specialist.

Jaguar Service Specialist

Of course, with its British heritage, you should choose a European vehicle specialist. That’s not just hype, either. Such a workshop will not only have the specialist tools and diagnostic programs needed to properly care for your pride and joy, but also master technicians who have specifically been trained on Jaguar and other European models.

As Jaguar repair specialists, they will be able to carry out all your servicing, as well as repairs and vehicle enhancements, using genuine parts. Some European vehicle specialists, such as SVS Autocare, even guarantee their work.

There are many reasons why you might choose the new Jaguar E-Pace. Perhaps you’re looking for a safe and reliable family vehicle, or maybe you spend a lot of time on the road and want something comfortable and safe to drive. Whatever the reason, it’s a smart choice.

Jaguar Repair Specialists

Introduced to the Australian and NZ market in 2018, the Jaguar E-Pace features dual frontal, side chest-protecting and side head-protecting airbags as standard. It also has Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), lane departure warning (LDW) and a manual-set speed limiter, again as standard.

Blind spot monitoring and lane keep assist are available as options.

And remember, the jaguar is still considered a performance car, so it’s perfect for the driver who needs a family vehicle but desires speed and luxury. Of course, it’s not the XE, which can go from 0-60 in five seconds, but the E-Pace is fast enough to be fun and safe.

Is it time to fulfill your dream of driving a Jaguar? You bet it is!

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SVS Autocare
SVS Autocare
The new Jaguar E-Pace is a great choice for the driver seeking style, luxury and state-of-the-art safety features. SVS Autocare says now’s the time to buy that car you’ve always wanted but be sure to take it to a Jaguar service specialist.

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