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jean-claude bastos de morais
By CYNTHIA CLARK 906 views

Port of Caio – The Opportunity for African Private Investors to Generate the High Returns

Jean-Claude Bastos De Morais is the originator of Quantum Global Group, the global investment firm with a focus on Africa. This company emphasis on the field of real estate, private wealth management, investment consulting and financial advisory. Jean-Claude Bastos De Morais Company manages 400 million dollar healthcare funds.

In fact, this professional has started and led numerous businesses over the course of his career. He has started his career as a management consultant after completing the Master of Arts. The entrepreneur is the chairman of the advisory board and endows bottom up econometric models for the development in Africa. In the year 2008, he also founded the Angola’s first investment bank i.e. Banco Kwanza Invest.

Furthermore, his innovative work includes African Innovation Foundation for driving the development through raising innovation. Individuals can know more about this entrepreneur by navigating Jean-Claude Bastos De Morais LinkedIn profile. Along with the innovative works, Bastos also has interest in music, science, art, literature and community services.

Paradise Paper Claims Jean-Claude Bastos de Morais Corporate a Dubious Business

According to a paradise paper, the professional use Angola’s emperor wealth fund for his own projects. In fact, the media also indict this Swiss Angolan investor of dubious business. One can search for Jean Claude Bastos De Morais Forbes in order to know more about his innovations and inspiration.

Moreover, Bastos also talks about the Port of Caio project and how will it benefits Angola as well as surrounding community. Actually, this project will become an engine to drive the economic growth and raising the living standards. Plus, it will create the opportunities for people of Angola by reducing the price of imported goods.

In fact, the launch of the port of Caio will generate the substantial revenue for the region. Bastos says that this project is an investment which represents the change in Country’s transport as well as logistics competencies. This port together with other ports in Angola will redefine the conservative ideas of trade with the region.

All the Funds are Transparent on Internet

Jean-Claude Bastos De Morais also states in his interview that all the information about their funds is always available on the Internet. In fact, the website of Quantum Global indicates transparently that the funds which invest cash from Africa to Africa are the condominium in Mauritius. In fact, the Quantum professionals were looking for the location with the regulator having to understand for African investments in Africa.

Along with this, the professional also clarifies the fee they charge for the supervision of the Angolan sovereign wealth fund. Bastos says that team receives two percent of the fund’s volume and 20 percent of the generated capital. In fact, “2 plus 20” norm is commonly used by all the private equity investors across the world.

Plan for the Continued Development and Achievement

In Jean Claude Bastos De Morais Books, he has explained that the innovation is about creating supportable communities while improving productivity as well as profitability. The port of Caio is a public-private partnership project which positively impacts the financial growth of country at large.

This project will increase the exports diversification. Along with this, it is also predicted that it will generate the 350 million dollars in tax revenues when completely operational. The port of Caio has the optimistic GDP influence on the region.

The goal of this professional is to ensure that the team at Quantum create the maximum wealth return for the investors. To do so the team of professionals executes the investment with the extreme practice to constitute the new description on the continent. You can get more information about the plans for development on Jean Claude Bastos De Morais Forbes online.

Benefits of the Project

The port of Caio project will generate the significant revenue in the region. In fact, it is the world-class port facility. The project is an essential part of new substructure program of the government of Angola. This deep sea harbor project act as a key for both the economic development as well as job creation. In reality, the project will increase the trade by 30 percent and create more than thirty thousand jobs.

Actually, this is an example of the corporation of private equity investors and governments. Also, the working of this project shows how the investors and government co-operate to deliver the result which benefits the nation. In fact, this Jean-Claude Bastos De Morais project produce the enduring returns for the private stockholders. Following are some other benefits of the port of Caio project:

  • It will decrease the unemployment rate by 16 percent from the current level.
  • Increase the International auction as well as commerce opportunities.
  • Furthermore, the access to the education as well as healthcare will be improved.
  • Reduction in the logistical costs and price of goods or services.
  • It also diminishes the overall poverty level.
Cynthia Clark

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