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Jessica ALba Net Worth
By GRACIE HART 568 views

The Dark Angel Lead Actress, Jessica Alba Net Worth

42-year-old American actress, Jessica Alba, is a business woman who appeared in a TV show at just 13 years. And at 19 years, she became popular when she landed a lead role in a movie in 2000. She even won an award for the event. Read more to know more about Jessica Alba, including Jessica Alba net worth.


Mark Alba is Jessica Alba’s father. While her mother is Catherine Alba. Her mom has six different ancestries, and she inherited her Mexican roots from her father’s side. Mark’s parents were from California. While Mark’s grandparents were Mexicans who immigrated to the U.S. from Mexico. Jessica has a younger sibling called Joshua. She is also related to the famous writer Gustavo Arellano.

Her Parents

Jessica’s dad, Mark, works in the Air Force. But his career takes him to several places, and his family has to follow him. They’ve been in more than three states before settling in California.

Religious Affiliation

Alba was raised in a traditional, highly conservative catholic Mexican household. However, Alba is different because she is a feminist who is also liberal. She has been this way since she was five.

Early Childhood

Jessica’s childhood was not carefree nor full of rainbows like other children. She suffered from so many illnesses at a very young age. Jessica contracted pneumonia several times in a year. This caused her lungs to collapse two times. Not only that, she had a cyst and her appendix ruptured too.

Her situation meant that she spent more time in the hospital than at home. And since she spent less time at school and didn’t socialize, she didn’t have any friends. Another contributing factor to her isolation from other kids is the family’s constant from place to place.

Interest in Acting

Jessica has always been interested in acting since she was five. Even when she was 11, she pleaded with her mom to participate in an acting competition where the winner got free lessons on acting. Jessica took first place in the competition and attended acting classes for the first time.

Many months later, an agent signed Jessica and featured her in a small movie. This was before she left high school. After graduating from high school at 16 years, she joined a theater company for a two-week job. But one of the female leads left, and Jessica was allowed to stay for a few more weeks.

Media Shows

Jessica has made many television appearances like TV shows and commercials for big companies even when she was little. Then she was cast in many independent movies before branching out into big TV roles in 1994.

Media shows

Her first big TV movie was a comedic character in one of Nickelodeon’s shows. Her role lasted for three episodes and she performed brilliantly.  Jessica returned to a lovely role in a TV series the following year. In 1998, she participated in a scuba diving show. Jessica did well because she learned how to swim.

Her mother is a lifeguard and taught Jessica and her brother how to swim as a baby. In the same year, Jessica acted in a crime drama and two television series. Her appearance in many shows contributed to Jessica Alba net worth today.


Jessica’s role in Dark Angel connected her to actor Michael Weatherly, who played alongside her. The two began dating, and the relationship lasted for three years. On Jessica’s birthday, Michael proposed to her, but things didn’t work out.

jessica Alba Relationships

Jessica cited irreconcilable differences like the age gap, celibacy, parental consent, and religious upbringing. Since her parents were conservative Catholics, they were unhappy with her relationship with Michael. Her parents are also advocates of no sex before marriage, so they frowned on anything that contradicts that.

Later Marriage

The following year, after her relationship with Michael ended, Jessica met Cash Warren, the son of an acting legend. They met each other in 2004 on the set of fantastic four. Cash and Jessica had their wedding in the U.S. four years later, and the marriage is blessed with two girls and one boy. One of Jessica’s daughters had graced a magazine cover and earned millions of dollars. This value also added to Jessica Alba net worth.

Later marriage jessica Alba

People she has acted with: Jessica has acted with the likes of Devin Sama, Drew Barrymore, Felicity Huffman, William Macy, and Michael Weatherly. Notable directors like James Cameron, David Mamet, and so on have worked with Jessica. The directors had nothing but praise to say about her.

Three movies propelled her further into relevance. But of the three movies, one of them shot Jessica into the global limelight. The name of that explosive movie is a television series called Dark Angel. Jessica beat over one thousand aspirants to land the female lead role in Dark Angel.

Jessica’s Net Worth

Jessica Alba Net Worth is estimated to be over $200 Million US Dollars. Apart from that, she is a major shareholder in a company and also an author. So, it is safe to say that Jessica Alba net worth is millions of dollars.


In summary, Jessica Alba net worth is a testimony of her many years of hard work and dedication. She is someone who firmly stands on her belief and never compromised on what she thinks is right. Furthermore, Jessica Alba has made a name for herself in the industry she loves most.

Gracie Hart

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