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Gone are the days when candidates used to travel from office to office and appear in walk-in interviews, and the credit goes to Job Portal App Development Company. It is because of their contribution that we get to access job portal apps and search for our dream jobs without compromising comfort. 

If you are also inspired to create a customized job portal app, then we suggest you read this article before you invest to Develop Custom Job Portal.

Consider these basic features during Job Portal App Development

Amongst the various job portal apps that are available in the market, you likely get confused while selecting what features to add up to your Naukri Clone Website. Worry not! This section covers all the basic features that you require at minimum to fulfill the basic purpose of a job portal app.

  • Registration:

You should lay emphasis on making the registration as easy as possible by providing multiple options that include registering with email ID, social networking ID, or any other alternate that comes into your mind.

  • Job search:

This holds great importance as a well-laid job search feature is something that will facilitate the candidates looking for a job to connect with the ones who are offering the relevant jobs.

  • Resume preparation:

Consider this option that helps the candidate to prepare their resume in a neatly laid format to enrich their experience.

  • Job application:

After the candidates are all set with all the documents of verification, eligibility and resume, the next thing that the user will seek for is to apply for jobs and the job application feature is the one solely dedicated to it.

  • Job posting:

For the candidates to apply for jobs, your app will require a job posting feature that lets the recruiter post job openings mentioning all the necessary details about it.

  • Push notification:

Push notifications will keep the users connected at every phase right from the time when they apply for a job till it gets viewed, approved or rejected, even at times when they are offline on the job portal apps.

Advantages of Custom Job Portal App Development

You must have seen people toggling between various job portals like Linkedin and, and you must have too. Many advantages associated with searching for jobs or staff for a company gives job portal app’s an edge over the traditional methods that include in-house hiring etc.

Scroll down to know the benefits that make Custom Job Portal App Similar to beneficial-

  • Instant Job opening Alerts: Users who are registered on job portal apps get real-time notification about the latest job openings ensuring that they do not miss any opportunity.
  • Job Recommendations: The user receives job recommendations based on their education, skills, work experience and location preferences etc., mentioned at the time of creating their profile.
  • Advanced Job Search Facility: This feature allows the user to enter a job title, company name etc. in the search bar and get instant results about the job listed as per their search.
  • Search for jobs with no cost: It allows the willing candidates to search amongst hundreds of thousands of jobs that are posted regularly on job portal apps without any additional costs. However, the candidates can also get paid subscriptions to hike up the chances of their visibility to the recruiters. 
  • Reduces Job Marketing Cost: Unlike the traditional job marketing strategies that involved high costs linked with hiring consultants and agencies to find you the right candidates, job portal lets the employer to directly connect with candidates, receive resumes and conduct assessments digitally without any external assistance.
  • All Browser Compatibility: Advance job portal apps provide versatility as the user gets the privilege to browse between various jobs amongst a variety of smart devices and browsers other than the regular apps that are available on the app store.
  • User-friendly Dashboard: The user-friendly dashboard makes it easy to use even for smartphone users with no prior experience of using such digital job portals.
  • Customized Functions: Employers can customize their job recruitment panel to incorporate advanced features that simplify their purpose of searching for ideal candidates.
  • Multi-language Option Available: The multilingual capability of the job portal apps makes it convenient to use for a wide range of job aspirants actively or casually browsing through jobs.
  • Robust Testing to Guarantee Performance: Custom Job Portal Website Similar to are based on tried and tested platforms that ensure a seamless experience that gets the users hooked up just after their first-time use.

The right time to get your custom job portal

Now when you have discovered the basic features and advantages associated with Job Portal Website Development, the next thing that you would seek is to hire an experienced developer.

Looking at the high-demand for job portals, investing in the development of the Naukri Clone App can prove to be a lucrative business venture shortly.

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