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The points where two bones meet is known as Joints. They are covered by soft tissues which are inclined to injury or disease. And this is where Joint mobilization plays a key role. Basically, it is a physical therapy technique used to relieve pain and muscle contractions and develop flexibility in a joint. Let’s explore more about Joint Mobilization with the experts of XL physical therapy.

What is Joint Mobilization?

Joint mobilization

Joint mobilization

Joint mobilization is basically a hands-on treatment and is a method of passive movement technique used for musculoskeletal conditions. This technique, which is viewed as manual therapy, is normally performed by physical therapists experts. This procedure involves applying a force that would emulate the skim that occurs in the middle of the bones.

This technique is usually categorized and is based on two factors: how much a patient can tolerate pain and the insight of the patient’s condition.

The main motive of joint mobilization is to recover the normal joint play that may have been compromised by some kind of injury. To restore the normal motion of the affected joint in less time it is advisable to consider the treatment program as soon as possible. Also, mobilization is in cases when there is a lack of range of motion.

The grades of joint mobilization are varied from grades 1 – 5.  Grades 1 – 4 normally deals with the knee range of motion, initial from fractional movement to end of range movement. Grade 5 consist of manipulation more than mobilization.

Why Joint mobilization is Important?

At times, a joint becomes irritated or swollen, due to any kind of injury, poor posture, stress, repetitive movement, or maybe due to age-related wear and tear. In such a situation, it becomes difficult for a joint to move correctly and in the end, it becomes stiff and painful. Adjoining structures which includes muscles, tendons, and ligaments might become injured as a compensatory effect of trying to stabilize the damaged joint. This can make a muscle weakness or even nearby nerves might get damage.

Particular conditions in which experts recommend joint mobilizations as it is very helpful in releasing pain and recovering injury include:

•    Arthritis (particularly of the spine, elbow, hip, shoulder, and knee)

•    Wrenches or Rotator cuff tears

•    Frozen shoulder- also known as Adhesive capsulitis

•     Medial epicondylitis

•    Sprain in Ankle

•    Sciatica and other kinds of nerve impingement conditions

•    Facet joint locking

•    Whiplash

Joint issues are most times the unseen underlying factors driving other kinds of injuries which include muscle strains, bursitis, and ligament damage. So this is the reason why experts strongly advised to consult with a physical therapist for acute or chronic dysfunction. Your joints may be contributing to your pain without you even recognizing it! Therefore, it advisable for you to get a free evaluation and second opinion at XL physical therapy.

Final Words

So it is necessary to look out for the unusual complications of joint mobilization including fracture, dislocation, muscle injury and nerve damage. And it is better to consult a qualified therapist in order to avoid any unnecessary injuries.

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