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Journey River Green
By AMANDA MILLS 2,078 views

Everything To Know About Journey River Green

Journey River Green is still a mystery to the public. Right from his birth, he has been surrounded by controversies and continuous speculation from the press and the public alike. There were many rumors that whether or not he is Brian Green’s son as he was born after the split between Megan Fox and Green.

In this blog, we have shared all the information about the famous Journey River green.

Who is Journey River Green?

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green’s son, Journey River Green, is their youngest. At 11 p.m. on August 4, 2016, Journey entered the world in Los Angeles. His mother, Megan Fox waited until April to break the news when she was photographed at the Las Vegas CinemaCon with a developing baby belly. Even though the actress had previously filed for divorce, it remained unclear whether Green was the father of her kid. Both Journey’s mum and dad are famous actresses and have accumulated large net worth. Despite his lack of public appearances, we do have some information on Journey. Take a peek into his private life here.

Journey River Green, as per public opinion, is extremely adorable. His eyes are on his mother, Megan Fox and we are sure he will develop into a very handsome man when he grows up. As of now, he is just six years old.

Journey’s Siblings

Noah Shannon Green was born on September 27, 2012, making him Megan and Brian’s first child. Bodhi Ransom Green, the couple’s second child, was born on February 12, 2014. The three kids are all L.A. natives. The Greens’ family unit was finalized with the addition of Journey. Both Brian and Megan were lauded as great parents during their time together in the entertainment industry. They used to cherish their time with their little children. 

Despite their hectic schedule, the couple spends together each week and take their kids out, all to make them feel loved. They have made every effort to provide the best for their children, despite being apart.

Journey’s First Appearance

Because of all the nosy press, his parents have always looked out for him and his siblings. Several months after giving birth, Fox finally gave her followers a first look at baby Journey on Instagram. Nonetheless, Journey made an appearance in his mom’s “Today Show” interview. While his mother was filming in the living room, he sneakily slid behind her and appeared.

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green’s Estranged Relationship

There were many ups and downs in the relationship between Journey’s parents before they split. When Megan was 18, she and Brian met when Brian appeared on “Hope & Faith.” Megan claims that despite their 13-year age difference, she fell “instantly in love” with him upon meeting him for the first time.

They planned to marry in February 2009 after getting engaged in November 2006 but ultimately decided against it. Several months later, in June, the couple tied the knot at the Four Seasons on the Big Island of Hawaii. However, Fox filed for divorce in August 2015, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for the breakup.

Green has now been dating dancer Sharna Burgess. On February 4, 2022, they shared the news that they were expecting their first child together. On June 28, 2022, they welcomed a boy into the world. 

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly confirmed their relationship in June 2020, weeks after the premiere of Machine Gun Kelly’s “Bloody Valentine” music video. Their engagement was announced on January 12, 2022, by Fox.

Journey’s Lifestyle

Despite Megan Fox’s severe rules, including limited use of gadgets, infrequent social media appearances, healthy eating habits, and being environmentally aware, Journey is being raised properly by his parents.

The more time Journey River Green spends on electronic devices, such as iPads or television, the less Megan allows him to use them because she worries about their influence on him. She also discourages junk food and promotes healthy eating in her home.

Does Megan Fox See her kids?

After they split up, Brian and Megan arranged separate visitation schedules for their kids. Since their breakup, Megan has shared very few photographs of their children on social media, while rumors have circulated that Brian has been posting photos of himself with the kids regularly. Megan was accused of being a bad parent because of this.

For Halloween 2020, Brian posted a photo of himself with the band Journey playing in the background as he posed in costume. After reading Brian’s updates, people started to assume that Megan and her kids aren’t as close as she claims, as she hasn’t shared a single photo of her celebrating this momentous event with them. 

After receiving the negative feedback, Megan posted a critical Instagram message to her ex-husband, accusing him of “feeding the lie” that she is an “absent mother.” She then shared a similar photograph with a harshly critical status, demanding that Brian remove it. Surprisingly, after receiving criticism for not listening to Megan, Brian took the photo off and reuploaded it with Journey blurred out.

Journey River Green’s Net Worth

There is no publicly available information on the financial standing of Journey River Green. On the other hand, when he matures, launches a profession, and accrues wealth, we will revise this piece accordingly. His father has a worth of nearly $8 million, while his mother has a worth of approximately $10 million.

Well, now you know all that is available about the mystery Journey River Green and we cannot wait for the boy to grow up.

Amanda Mills

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