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How to Keep your Weave Looking Fresh and Fabulous
By REBEHAIR 4,827 views

How to Keep your Weave Looking Fresh and Fabulous

In either case hair or weave you wish that they remain good looking and at the same time fresh. Therefore with help of some following points given below by Rebehair you can maintain your weave fresh look. These were the provided tips that you must consider for fresh looking weaves all time:

Leave-in Conditioner

Apply a leave-in conditioner to the weave, and your characteristic hair, after each cleanser. A dime-sized measure of item ought to be sufficient. Rub it in with your fingers, covering the delicately. For sprucing up amid these in the middle of times you don’t need to wash once more, simply apply the leave-in conditioner to the dry weave. Maintain a strategic distance from oils since they weight the weave hair down and will bring about tangles and tangle.

Anti-Bacterial Weave Spray

A weave that is interlaced, curved or worn in locks will take more time to dry than a weave that is worn free. This long drying time leaves your weave helpless to form and microscopic organisms—and that smelly scent. Give your weave a light spritz day by day to eliminate microscopic organisms, detangle it and keep it new. Utilize the counter bacterial shower once per day, working it tenderly into the weave with your fingertips.


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It’s best to give your weave a chance to air dry. Adhere to the most reduced warmth setting conceivable when drying or utilizing warmed styling instruments. Much the same as with normal hair, the warmth can dry the weave hair and extricate the bond. Utilize a wide toothed look over for straight expansions and finger-style curlier weaves.
These were the following ways provided by Rebehair that could help you to keep your weave looking fresh and at the same time maintains its quality.


According to leading hair weave companies expert never go to bed with a wet weave since it will empower tangling and that smelly scent. Around evening time, freely wrap your hair with a silk scarf yet don’t tie it up in a tight style; that will bring about tangles also. Additionally, take a stab at mulling over a glossy silk pillowcase so not to irritate your weave.


Regardless of whether you wear a characteristic or manufactured weave, it needs more watchful care than your own particular hair since it’s feeling the loss of the common oils that originated from your scalp. Each seven to 14 days wet the hair first with tepid water and utilize a gentle cleanser. Include a dime-sized measure of cleanser to your palm and rub it into your scalp with your fingers. Try to smooth the cleanser don’t rub—onto the hair weave.


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