If you are an Instagrammer, you can never deny the fact that you keep checking the count of your followers, whether they are increasing or decreasing. The number of followers that are there in your Instagram account plays an extremely important role in impacting the online presence that you have. There is no doubt that each and every Instagrammer is looking for different ways of gaining more and more followers on Instagram. However, most of them do not concentrate on keeping these followers intact.

Importance of Keeping the Followers

It does not matter if your Instagram account is professional or personal. It is very important to keep your followers if you are interested in keeping the engagement real and last for a long time. Listed below are few of the reasons as to why it is crucial to have Instagram followers and keeping them intact.

  1. Customer Base: If you are using Instagram for your business, it is obvious that you already know the importance of retaining the customers. If your customer base is huge, they will start promoting your brand to new people. This, in turn, will increase the number of loyal customers that you have. This is like a cycle, and it is necessary to achieve more followers. Keeping these followers will help in growing your customer base.
  1. Establishes the account authority: It does not matter as to what you are using your Instagram account for. If you are capable of maintaining a group of loyal followers, it only proves that you have become an expert and professional in that particular niche. If your account is filled with fickle followers, other users can doubt your expertise and credibility.
  1. Creates friendship: Have a personal account? Well, it is equally important to retain followers. It is obvious that you will want to have real followers, who have a keen interest in you and the things that you post on your Instagram profile. In case of personal accounts, loyal followers start becoming friends. If you are interested in meeting new people and creating friendships, you have to ensure that you have interesting content, which will play a great role in keeping all the followers engaged. You can also try random cam chat websites to meet new people as well.


Reasons to Lose Instagram Followers

Losing Instagram followers is much easier as compared to gaining them. Given below are few of the things that can make you lose your followers at a rapid pace.

  • Your followers can have spam accounts: Most of the users tend to buy Instagram followers who are robots and not real users. These are the accounts that tend to come and then deactivate all of a sudden. It might appear that you are losing all the followers when these accounts are deleted. A professional tip that you should keep in mind is that you should be careful about the followers that you are purchasing. They should be real and not bots. You should buy Instagram followers who have real accounts.
  • The content is not diverse: It has been seen that most of the users keep posting a similar kind of content repeatedly. This is one of the most important reasons as to why your followers will start losing interest in your profile and your posts. You should keep in mind that if you are on Instagram for your brand or a particular service, you cannot keep posting pictures of the products only. On the other hand, if you own personal accounts, your feed should not only be full of selfies. It is mandatory to mix your content so that it looks interesting.
  • Posting often: Well, you may have a lot of time to keep posting regularly, but keep in mind that you are spamming your followers as well. It is true that social media is being used for both business as well as personal interactions, but you also have to remember that your followers will not appreciate it if they feel pressured when interacting with your account. When you keep posting on a regular basis, there are chances that your followers will start feeling overwhelmed. Eventually, they will unfollow you.
  • Not using hashtags: Hashtags are necessary as they allow the new users to find out the account that they are looking for. Hashtags are nothing but interesting ways of informing all your followers about your activities and enlighten them about the ways in which you are making use of Instagram.
  • Not using captions: Captions are as important as hashtags are. Ensure that you are adding a caption along with hashtags every time you post. This helps in maximizing the engagement.
  • Ignoring followers: There is no point in having an account on Instagram if you are not using it for socializing. It is important that you talk to the followers, whether you have a business or a personal account. Many followers love it when they see that their comments, as well as opinions, are valued. These are the followers who will help in building a loyal customer base in the long run.


How to Fix the Problem of Fickle Followers

To fix your problem of losing followers every now and then, you can avoid all the things that are mentioned above. To make it easier, you can have a look at the tips that are given below.

  1. Talking to the followers: It is true that no one is free enough to answer every one and respond to all the comments that have been posted by followers. The trick that you should follow is, respond to the maximum number of comments and sweetly apologize for not being able to interact with everyone. This will make your followers feel that they are important and valued, even though you could not personally react to their comments.
  1. Posting schedule: Create a proper posting schedule, especially if you post randomly. Research about the appropriate time for posting on Instagram, and then post.
  1. Staying updated: If you see that your competitors are performing a lot better than you, it is necessary to understand the reason behind it. You can also take inspiration from their strategies and interaction techniques to stay ahead of them.



Now you know why your followers are important to you. Instead of focusing on your posts, ensure that you keep engaging your audience so that they do not end up unfollowing you.

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