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Training exercises
By ALEX GREEN 2,506 views

Best Keto Supplements for MMA Fighters

Whoa! I’m going for a knock-out with this kick!

Unlike any other sport, MMA has a host of expectations. A swimmer would require strong shoulders to excel; a cyclist, on the other hand, should work on his quads, and a footballer should get his lower body in shape to stand out. An MMA fighter needs all the above aspects to survive in a ring. He should incorporate upper body exercises for the arms to deliver powerful punches and also strong legs to get those kicks going. The features will also be used during self-defense when they are required to protect themselves from the opponent’s incoming attacks. We are about to see how keto protein powder can help achieve all these scores.

Prerequisites to Becoming an MMA Fighter

Mixed Martial Art is a sport with a handful of requirements and expectations. They include:

  1. Mental grit
  2. Physical firmness
  3. A mean steak
  4. Intelligence
  5. Discipline
  6. Support team
  7. Strong Martial Arts background.

Incorporating all these traits makes up a solid MMA fighter with the ability to gather up a couple of awards.

Nutrition Composition of a Fighter

Nutrition foods

Let’s get things going to the gym!

Ideally, fighters ought to be at their best, at the required time, being able to endure the physical pain that they are likely to take during a fight. This is because a great fight leaves a statement, and a fighter earns respect and recognition he deserves. Having a great nutrition plan is equally important to undertake rigorous training. The preparations and exercise wouldn’t be adequate without a nutritious meal. So, what are the fighter’s nutrition needs?

Any athlete needs energy for performance, protein for muscle building and maintenance, and vitamins and minerals for general body health. But are these the same necessities for an athlete on a keto diet? It is out there that food alone doesn’t account for all the needs for sportspersons; thus, one has to invest in supplements to seal the deal. Are you aware of any keto supplements? Read on to find out.

Keto Supplements

These additives serve as an alternative for what normal food cannot supply to the body. It will be a big move to combine the keto diet and supplements for maximum results. Most of them are of specific ingredients, so it gets easier to choose what one needs. Some of the best supplements to take on a keto diet include:

  • MCT Oil (medium-chain triglycerides) – these are a common type of fat in foods like coconut oil. Consuming a strong dose of MCT is very significant to those on keto. MCT oil is transparent and brings about the feeling of fullness in the tummy. This will lead to less feeding and eventually promote weight loss. It is one of the best keto supplements for weight loss. MCTs also help to boost the intake of fat and keep the keto dieter at the state of ketosis.
  • Electrolytes – beginners to keto dieting end up losing lots of water weight and electrolytes before their bodies fully adapt to the new system. This majorly makes them lose almost 10 lbs in barely two weeks. It is important to hydrate when on a keto diet regularly and have mineral additives included. Among the best keto electrolyte supplements are potassium supplements keto, magnesium supplements keto, and sodium supplements keto.
  • Digestive Enzymes – since a keto diet consists of almost 75% fats, some newbie might find it uncomfortable. This new regimen may lead to nausea, bloating, and diarrhea. The digestive enzymes aid at settling such stomach upsets caused by ketosis. These are the ideal keto acid supplements.

Keto pills

Just a pill and I’m off the hook!

  • Omega-3 Fats (fish oil supplements) – it has been proven to deal with inflammation caused by ketogenic diet and also lowers heart disease risks when taken daily. Furthermore, it assists keto dieters in maintaining a healthy Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio during keto.
  • Green Powder – healthy plants and vegetables are dried and ground finely to provide a green powder. This will give the necessary nutritional benefits from veggies you might have lacked in your diets, such as spirulina, kale, and spinach. It is the best source of vitamin supplements for keto dieters. It may be consumed by either mixing with a smoothie or even homemade soup.

Natural foods

All green and natural!

  • Exogenous Ketones – when craving gets you to eat more carbs than the average level required by the keto diet, exogenous ketones might come in handy to help out and maintain the ketosis state. Similar to the ones produced in our bodies, they are supplied from an external source with a similar molecular structure. They are effective in meeting ketosis needs and further increase ketone levels and decrease appetite. It is served in different forms: powder, liquid, or pills. They are usually taken by athletes before their workout routines to speed up their muscle recovery process and improve performance endurance.
  • BCAAs – branch-chain amino acids recommended supplements for keto diet athletes before the workout. BCAAs tackle issues like soreness, muscle fatigue, and any other muscle damage that relates to exercise while working out. Did you know that these keto supplements are not processed in the liver? They are usually absorbed directly into the bloodstream and used as energy.

According to different keto supplements reviews, there are many benefits to the consumption of the right supplement for your body’s requirements. Have you heard of keto hair loss supplements? Yeah right! If you need to grow hair in that bold spot of your head, just grab one, and you’ll be good to go. Recently, keto-friendly fiber supplements were introduced to help those who find the diet quite rough. They aid in easing the gastric transit and combat constipation.

How Keto Supplements Help MMA Fighters

For the fighter who opted for the “fat-way,” they’ll have a couple of benefits from the supplements that they include in their regular meal. 

  1. They boost the general workout process and fighting ability because the energy stores are more substantial if you’re running on fat.
  2. They greatly increase the fats that you burn since fats support your testosterone levels.
  3. They preserve the muscle tissue and gain flexibility due to the less water weight, which, in turn, makes you lighter on your feet and faster as well.
  4. They help one enter into the ketosis state and further maintain it.

Training practice

Wow! Today I’ve got energy in me!

The MMA Atmosphere

The MMA fighters are placed into fighting divisions, which are based not on their level of skills but their weight. For a boxer to be comfortable to compete in a particular division, they ought to maintain the weight required. For the ones who are slightly above the standard requirement on the weighing scale, they can introduce the keto supplements for weight loss for them to lose the extra pounds. For the ones who are below, they can either decide to bulk on more keto protein powder or, if they are comfortable with the situation, maintain that particular weight.

For a pre-workout, a fighter needs to be fit and ready for sparring. This is a carbon copy of the actual fight, so every aspect should resemble that of a real battle with the best boxing gloves including the nutrition plan. Carbs are vital in sparring since it gives one a boost of energy that they could require for the whole session. These sessions last around 1-2 hours, and athletes usually don’t eat during that time. For the keto dieters, they can opt to consume their daily carbs ratio at this particular time to ensure they don’t lag in the hyperactive part. A smoothie made from beetroot or pomegranate is relatively high in nitrate and an excellent vasodilator, which can also be a good pre-workout supplement.

For the recovery period, a fighter should neither be hungry nor dehydrated. One should have a post-workout snack to restore what has been lost during the session. This meal should not be heavy, and also it should take about 30 minutes after a workout. A quick example of such a snack is a whey protein shake or a tart dairy juice (which has anti-inflammatory properties) to calm their nerves.


Every single athlete should consider his/her diet plans if they are aiming for excellence, who doesn’t anyway? It is necessary to know that exercise alone doesn’t count for the maximum performance of a fighter. What are your feeding habits as a fighter? Do you use any supplements? In your opinion, do keto supplements work? Have you ever tried one? What were the results? Leave us a comment.

Alex Green

Alex Green is a copywriter with 3 years of experience. He is fond of healthy living and knows everything about home improvement. In his spare time, Alex likes walking with his golden retriever, meeting with friends, and attending the gym.