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Digital Printing
By KIARA WAYLEN 490 views

Key Facts That You Need To Know About Digital Printing

Digital printing is the new buzz; the advancement of technology makes it easy for the user to print from any of the digital media. In simple words, digital printing is the form of printing digital-based images onto different surfaces. Because of digital printing, even complex images can be easily printed on a different substrate with ease. This type of printing doesn’t require any offset plate. Rather you can have the image, say PDF file, and send it to the digital printing press to imprint the image on the camera, paper or fabric, cardstock and other substrates.

Some Of The Key Facts About Digital Printing


The paper used for digital printing should be digitally certified paper, and this becomes important if you have a large commercial area to supply to.. Some of the printers will take the non-certified papers as well. But this will vary based on the printer brand. For quality images, it is always good to choose certified papers.

Quality Of Print

One of the differentiating factors of digital printing is that it creates vibrant images which have a realistic appeal. With good quality digital printing, you are assured of getting vibrant colors, and the lines will be sharper; you can control the hues and shades and change it to the type that you want the final image to look like. Also, digital printing assures maintaining the quality of print the same throughout the substrate.


Digital printing has proven to be revolutionary. When it comes to commercial printing, then you would want the work to finish up faster, and the best way to achieve this is by adopting the right tools and equipment. These offer faster printing. There is no need to spend time in the mixing of inks, plates, and so you get faster results.

Digital Printing
Digital Printing

Cost-Effective Solution

The faster printing work should also save on money. In the conventional printing method like offset printing, there is a cost of setting up the plates and the cost of plates, but with digital printing, you don’t have to bear all these costs. There is no set-up fee. Besides, some of the advanced digital printing machines can do the finishing work like binding, like saddle string and wire binding, which gives you the finished product, making it a cost-effective and highly productive printing solution.

Short Runs

There is a restriction on the printed units and qualities. These are good for printing out a single unit or thousands of units. Be assured that the quality of the print is going to remain the same throughout. Before you make any purchase check the review of the device.

Enhanced Effect

The printing industry has become very competitive. Companies are using digital printing to print their marketing brochures, flyers, and other marketing materials. The printing method should be equipped to make the final image look alluring and captivating. Digital printing gives you these benefits. You can create special effects like white ink, UV red invisible ink that glows in the UV light, clear varnish, and glossy effect. All this finally creates a beautiful image.

Green Alternative

Another positive aspect of digital printing is that it is a greener alternative to conventional printing methods. There is no need for pre-press stages like plates, offsets, films or other chemicals, which makes it a greener alternative.

With all these set of benefits of digital printing, it is certainly the best method for printing. Make sure that you don’t compromise on the quality of ink; it will finally impact the look of the image.

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