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Feng Shui
By MAGGIE HOLMES 973 views

How to Feng Shui Your Kids Room

Many people believe that different colors and shapes affect our mood. Feng Shui is about the right choice of things around our home, placed in certain positions to achieve a favorable flow of energy, called qi. It is widely used all over the world, on every continent – Australians have gone crazy for it in recent years! Using Feng Shui in your kids’ room is essential in promoting harmony, happiness, and good sleep. It’s all in the details. For instance, a family photo is known to provide soothing energy.

A children’s room that’s been decorated according to Feng Shui principles provides a safe place and a sanctuary, which is needed to get away from the chaotic world around them. There are some useful tips you can follow to create a zen den for your children. It all starts with getting rid of clutter as it creates chaos both physically and mentally. The bed is an essential component of each bedroom, so it should be placed in a certain position, which we’ll be talking about further on. As far as the colors are concerned, you should use calm colors, make it naturally light if possible and hang some family photos as well as the artwork. You should definitely avoid electronics as much as you can. Take a look at how to select the right bedroom furniture for kids and how to place it in the right way.

Get rid of clutter

As children’s room is usually their bedroom as well, you should really pay attention to clutter. You should try to reduce it as much as you can, as chaotic space creates chaos and uneasiness in our minds as well. What you can do is get a lot of storage options and organize books, toys, and other things. You should also use all kinds of boxes and label them with pictures of the things that should go in there if your children can’t read yet. This is a great way to start teaching your kids how to be organized and neat. Children and adults sleep much better in a room that’s orderly and clutter-free.

Position the bed

The bed is an essential element of both the bedroom and Feng Shui. According to this ancient Chinese practice, to ensure a good night’s sleep it should be placed in the Commanding Position. This means that when you’re in bed, you should have full control of the room. The best position is diagonally across, facing the doorway. If you have very young children, then one side of the bed should be against the wall, for extra security and protection. On the other hand, for older children who need more space, this is not obligatory. Also, to assure that the energy can flow freely, there shouldn’t be anything under the bed.

Use calm colors

Colors are essential when it comes to setting a mood in a room. For children’s room, you should choose calm colors such as soft blues and greens, which encourage growth while creating a peaceful atmosphere. Remember to focus on using primary colors and avoid aggressive patterns. This goes for wall colors, furniture pieces, carpet – generally for the whole room. Just be careful about light colors as dust and dirt are much more visible on such furniture pieces or carpets. You should seriously consider hiring professional carpet cleaning in Perth from time to time, to ensure that it has been thoroughly cleaned, so your children wouldn’t develop allergies.

Avoid electronics

We can’t live without technology and it is omnipresent in all aspects of our lives. However, there should be some rules and boundaries when it comes to children and technology. Overexposure to electronic devices has been known to cause depression, stress, and anxiety, even in children. So, consider making a ‘no electronics’ rule in their room. And if you do allow a computer or TV, make sure that it is 36 inches away from the children’s head, as it is the main channel through which energy flows.

Make it light and hang some artwork

You should ensure that your children’s room has plenty of natural light. Besides the natural light, there should also be plenty of task light, when there’s no natural light. When it comes to artwork, involve your children and let them pick art they like for their room. Another very good option is mermaid decorations for your room? Unicorn or Zoo?”

Creating an optimally designed room for your children is essential for healthy development, growth, and inspiration, so take it seriously and give your best to make it enjoyable.


Maggie Holmes

Maggie Holmes is an Australian blogger who writes on renovation, fashion, technology, and business. You can follow her on Twitter at https://twitter.com/MaggieH04666334