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In the market of worktops for kitchens, dekton is emerging as a popular material in modern times. It is a blend of various materials like quartz, glass, and porcelain that gives it a smooth and shiny finish. These materials are heated, and intense pressure is exerted on them with the help of the latest technology to prepare a dekton worktop.

Here is everything that you need to know about this material before actually going for it: –

Advantages of Dekton

  • The combination of pressure and heat on the raw materials has worked in a significant manner to make the material strong and durable. It is highly resistant to abrasion, heat, cuts and even staining that will help your kitchen stay good for a long time. 
  • Most of the sellers claim it to be a scratch-resistant material because of its high strength, and this feature makes it better than most of the other materials that are available in the market.
  • It does not deteriorate with water or UV rays. Thus, there would be no adverse impact of direct sunlight on this material. These two advantages make this material the right choice, even for outdoor dining areas.
  • This is a low-maintenance material as you do not have to spend money on it every year to getting it sealed and maintaining its quality. It does not even require regular polishing.
  • In terms of price, it is less in comparison to most of the accessible materials. This makes it the right choice for those who are on a tight budget or those who prefer wisely spending their money. 
  • Dekton reviews when it comes to looks are always positive. The material looks beautiful and has always helped in making kitchens look stunning. 
  • Besides using it for countertops, you can even use it for the flooring of your entire home, including the bathroom. Also, you can use it for creating low-maintenance shelves on which you do not want to spend money on paint and renovation every few years.
  • One of the most significant advantages of using this material is that it comes with a warranty of 25 years if you are getting it installed professionally. This highlights the durability and the strength of the product, and you can trust this material for years to stay in good condition in your kitchen and even in your entire home. 

Disadvantages of Dekton

  • Though this a durable material, you cannot take the risk of dropping heavy objects on it. In many tests, it has been found that the material split into pieces when heavy objects were dropped on it, or the edges got chipped off.
  • It is not the ultimate inexpensive option available in the market. It is more expensive than laminate and concrete worktops.
  • You cannot save your money on the installation charges of this material. This work cannot be done by regular labourers who are working on the renovation of your home as it needs professional skills and expertise. Moreover, when it comes to professionals, the charges are higher than labourers.
  • The material is available mostly with retailers. So, you have little chance of finding it anywhere to save your money. 

What to consider while buying Dekton?

Besides dekton reviews, there are many other things that you must consider if you are planning to buy this material. Here is a list of some of the important ones: –

  • The price of the material should fit in your budget. This not only includes the actual cost that you have to pay for the material, but the installation charges that you have to pay to the professionals must also be put into consideration while making calculations.
  • Compare it with other materials to check which one will look good in your kitchen and which one will be worth your money. This comparison can only be made if you are aware of the features of other materials as well.

You are now aware of the necessary details of this modern-day material. If the advantages are meant to solve your purpose and this material will look good in your home, you can go for it. However, make sure that you get the installation done only from the authorised dealers otherwise you will not enjoy the warranty. 

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