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kitting assembly
By STACEY SHANNON 1,489 views

How Kitting and Assembly Services can Save you a Ton of Money

Have you heard about kitting and assembly services yet?  Maybe you have, but you’re not completely sure how it all works. We are here to help you learn because kitting services can help your business grow and save more money. Business giants like Ikea are using this solution to improve productivity and efficiency and streamline operations in the best possible way. If giants of the industry are using kitting and assembly services, why shouldn’t you? Think practically and take a smart step for your company. The secret of saving is a simple philosophy: less is more. Kitting is the practice of packaging individual parts in one single package or even creating bundle packages that include different products. It makes sense, saves money, and gives your clients a cleaner customer experience.

What is kitting?

Kitting is when two or more related items are packaged in order to create one product that is ready to ship. Kitting is also known as product bundling. First and foremost – kitting uses existing resources from your company in the best possible way.  Subscription boxes, discounted sets, bundle presents, promotional products, and gift baskets are all prime examples of kitting services. Different products packed in one box, you can track your products as one individual component which makes things a lot easier for both parties. If you own e-commerce business, an increasingly popular venture in today’s economy, kitting services can be a lifesaver. This makes reordering, tracking inventory, and quantifying costs much more manageable. Also, it makes the entire distribution process much easier. If you are an online merchant and you have different suppliers, kitting can help you combine product kits before delivery. Kitting saves money and time by making things flow smoother from one place to the next.


If you have excess items in your inventory, you are definitely losing money. In today’s market, it is very important to keep the pace up in your business operations and just keep on moving. Kitting can help you move all of the excess inventory that is blocking your supply chain. Oftentimes, companies are bundling old inventory with something new to create something fresh and awesome – that also removes excess inventory.

More Benefits of kitting and assembly

Another perk of assembly services is experiencing fewer errors. Kitting reduces the risk of making errors by reducing how many actions are needed to complete an order, thus earning fewer returns and better customer service.

Assembly is faster, thanks to kitting. All parts are in one place, which makes assembling easier and faster. Right here, right now. Kitting and assembly services often go hand in hand, making operations easier and more cost effective. There won’t be any risk of breaking shipping containers while transferring bulky boxes or worries of losing one crucial item in an order of multiple components.

Kitting lowers inventory costs and saves money on shipping. When a few products are shipped to one singular address, it reduces shipping costs. It can also increase customer satisfaction, further strengthening your customer base by creating a brand that is loyal, dependable, and efficient. Instead of storing myriad items, you can use kitting and fulfillment services to reduce space usage. Once you declutter your spaces, you will have an opportunity to assess more clearly your company’s resources and have more opportunity (space) to pursue new ideas. Finally, kitting services will save a lot on the actual packaging – you are saving money and you are saving the environment. Less waste, more space.

Kitting just makes sense. Less is more – work smarter, not harder. How can kitting help your business thrive? Think about it, and start saving money today.

Stacey Shannon

Stacey Shannon is a business consultant and a freelance blogger, based in Minnetonka. A creative individual, especially passionate about writing - interested in small business, entrepreneurship, and marketing.

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