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E-commerce Website
By DAVID NEEBLE 610 views

9 Tips to Upgrade Your E-commerce Website to Generate More Sales

A website is a basic tool for the success of a business and quality ecommerce web design in Dubai matters. It plays two major functions that include the attraction of visitors and conversion of those visitors into clients.

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For the two purposes to be achieved, your website should be:

  • Smartly usable
  • Easy to navigate
  • Persuasive with catchy headlines
  • Divided into cohesive pages that address different client buying stages
  • Adjustable to accommodate conversion points and success measurement

It is important that the website looks decent and appealing, but its real success is measured in terms of the number of visitors it attracts and the conversions of those visitors into clients that help the business thrive. In this article, we look at the top ten tips that will help you build a website that will generate leads for your business.

State What the Business Does on Home Page

Most organizations overlook this crucial part. This can be put in your header or even in your slogan. State it precisely, concisely and clearly. With this in place, visitors who land on your page will know exactly what your business offers.

Target Audience

Your website should address your target audience directly so that when one reads it, one feels being addressed directly. Your audience can be identified through taglines and headlines while including images that your audience can identify with.

Call to Action

Your website design should give the reader the ability to do something like downloading an e-book, whitepaper, watch a video, sign up, read a blog or even “add to cart” option. Provide tools to capture the details for your reader so that you can market to them. These tools include email sign-ups, free trials, or even free download.


Your reader is bombarded with similar stuff online every day. Let your website communicate something different, in a different way that will distinguish it from the pack.


Let your customers be your brand ambassadors. Highlight their testimonials on your website to enhance credibility. It is prudent to splash the testimonials across the page, and not just create a testimonial page. Include customer videos and if possible, their pictures using your products!.

Include Simple Sells

Instead of inserting flashy, distracting, and mobile graphics on the website, just keep it simple. Remember to keep navigation at the right/left side of the page and include real photos of employees and products or services you offer rather than stock images to enhance the legitimacy of your business.

Persuasive Product Descriptions and Copywriting

A website should speak to speak to the ‘customer’. Personalize your website, use ‘we’ and not a company name, highlight product benefits and not features because features tell but benefits sell.

Expandable Website

This means that your website should accommodate different sizes of browsers without ‘hanging’. For instance, the WordPress platform comes with thousands of templates that are not only affordable but ‘responsive’ too.

The offer, Offer, Offer

Lastly, include irresistible offers to enhance sales. Some of the offers can include money back guarantees, free trials, and limited discounts, free shipping, and even free download.

In the end, choose an experienced marketing agency that offers the best ecommerce web design in Dubai to build your brand and boost sales.

David Neeble

David Neeble is a freelance writer who can actually answer yes to the question, “And from that you make a living? In his 10 years as a professional writer, He had worked in proposal management, grant writing, and content creation. Personally, he’s passionate about teaching his family how to stay safe, secure and action-ready in the event of a disaster or emergency.