Symptoms of Poor Blood Circulation

Limited blood flow is a sign of health problems and this condition contributed various health problems such as uncontrolled blood pressure, stroke, artery diseases, kidney damage and heart diseases. As per medical experts, limited blood flow is mainly occurred because of fatty substance that hardens the arteries. This fatty substance is medically termed as Plaque and paling an important role to block the blood circulation. Reduced supply of the blood also decreases the nutrient and oxygen supply throughout the body. Here are some unique symptoms that help you to indentify the signs of poor circulation such as tingling, muscle cramps, numbness and pain in your limbs.

Blockage of the blood supply majorly affects your entire body and organs. Poor circulation of blood in to brain increases the risk of health problems like memory loss, headache, fatigue, dizziness etc. Including brain, lack of blood supply in to heart organ has major impact and it can contribute health issues like heart attack, stroke and high blood pressure. Skin issues, lack of appetite and low body weight are the primary symptoms of low blood circulation in to liver.

Signs and Symptoms of poor circulation

Tingling (loss of sensation in the hands and feet)

Hair loss (lack of blood supply and nutrients)

Low energy (fatigue)

Dry skin

Pains (muscle cramps, claudication)

Shortness of breathe

Lack of stamina

Dizziness, headache, swelling

Medical issues that contribute Poor Circulation

Poor circulation is majorly associated with the medical conditions, lifestyle and unhealthy dieting. Here are the lists of medical conditions that affect the smooth supply of blood in the entire body. Pregnancy, Diabetes, weight gain, heart diseases, blood vessel disorders, thyroid diseases, circulatory disorders and high cholesterol.

How to improve blood circulation naturally?

If you want to prevent the risk of poor blood circulation then you need to follow these tips regularly. The primary symptoms of poor blood circulation is overweight, smoking addiction and sedentary lifestyle. You need to control the body weight by regular exercising such as walking, swimming, running etc. Second thing, you need to add only healthy food in your diet list, which holds plenty of nutrients, fiber and low in fat. Smokers are primary victim of the poor blood circulation so need to quit smoking. Avoid prolonged sitting, keep your body moving and avoid drinking. Make sure to maintain a healthy lifestyle if you really want to keep away health problems associated with limited blood circulation.

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