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Working in height requires ladders and different jobs require different types of ladders. If you are not a commercial firm or even if you use these different ladders on daily basis it would not be prudent to buy all sorts of ladders, scaffoldings, Trestles & Planks because of various hazards. So what is the alternative? Well, this is where ladder hire services come into the picture and are a cheap, easy and hassle-free alternative to buying this equipment unnecessarily.

Different Types of Ladders

There are basically three broad categories of ladders that are fit for commercial use which include:

1. Extension ladders: Extension ladders are great for places that are narrow and there is limited accessibility available. They are amazing for accessing places that are higher up. Good Ladder Hire services can offer you two different versions of extension ladders with heights ranging from 5 meters to 11 meters. What makes extension ladders a hit is that fact that they are easily transportable. Another advantage that extension ladders offer is that they can help you access spots at various heights.

2. Platform step ladders: These ladders are very safe as there are four feet instead of the two feet in case of Extension Ladders, thereby earning the name, “Free Standing ladders”. These ladders are great for accessing areas and spots, where you cannot get any wall support, such as installing any electrical fittings in the middle of a room. Ladder Hire services can offer platform Step Ladders with heights spanning between 2 meters to 4 meters. The best part of a platform step ladder is that it has a platform and top. It is easy to stand on the platform and it gives freedom of movement and maneuverability

3. Step Ladders: Step ladders are identical to Platform step ladders with the same specifications. The only difference is the unavailability of the platform. 

Benefits of Ladder Hire Services

So now that we understand the different types of ladders that you can get from ladder hire services, the question that pops up is why we should hire ladders instead of buying them.

Let us consider a few points that answer that question. 

1. Cost: Well the first benefit of getting a ladder from a ladder hire service is the cost-effectiveness that you get. Buying ladders and scaffolding equipment can be a costly affair and can cost you thousands of dollars. When you hire you only pay for what you need at the moment. Renting a ladder is especially suited for non-commercial users.

2. Wear and tear: Ladders and scaffoldings are used for reaching places that are at a height, and thus it is necessary that they are in good shape. It is common knowledge that metallic objects and structure develop rust and may become dangerous to use if their structural integrity is compromised. But hiring ladders and other such equipment eliminates such risks as their equipment is regularly used and as such, they are required to maintain their equipment properly which an individual can’t.

3. Storage issues: The reasons due to which a ladder might be needed ay change every time and as such the kind of ladder or scaffold needed might be different every time. It would be just so difficult to have different kind of ladders and scaffolding equipment as a lot of space would be required to store them and this storage might not only occupy your precious space but can also add on to the cost. Renting eliminates this issue.

Hiring a ladder is easy and you can get a ladder to hire quite easily without going through any hassle. That is why it is always a good idea to hire one, whenever you need a ladder.

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