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Marie Haynes
By LARBY AMIROUCHE 1,369 views

Larby Amirouche Highlights Marie Haynes Consulting Blog

As the digital platform gets more and more popular and accessible to most people, there is also an increasing number of people interested in the platform and the rankings Google implements. 

Just like other Larby Amirouche, Marie Haynes was also just curious and very much interested in how Google algorithms work.

Who is Marie Haynes?

Marie Haynes or Dr. Marie Haynes is a veterinarian who found herself a career in digital marketing.

It all started more than a decade ago, similar to Larby Amirouche, Haynes just took the risk and started her digital marketing career. Haynes admitted that she always wanted to learn HTML. Therefore, she purchased a laptop and taught herself how to create a website.

Marie Haynes’ SEO Journey

Haynes says she loved being a veterinarian but she wanted to retire from her practice and she wanted to make websites for vets and help them to perform better on Google. However, she was clueless that her career will lead her to be an online marketing consultant.

As mentioned, Haynes already had a website however Haynes was not satisfied with the number of visitors her website gets every day. She describes her website as a good website but she reveals that she only gets 34 visits per day. 

She sought help from other SEO enthusiasts and experts across SEO online forums. From there, Haynes learned how to create high-quality and valuable content. She also learned how to promote it so people will be more aware and consider linking to it and using it.

After a few more hard work and effort, Haynes started to see her website grow and she actually started to make money. From 34 visitors per day, now her site gains around 14,000 visitors per day. Asie from her own website, she also applied her knowledge to improve and get her husband’s website out there. Her husband’s real estate business exploded after she applied her techniques. 

In 2012, while she was hanging out across SEO forums, she got interested in Google’s Penguin algorithm. She was curious about the concept because it was something that very few people seemed to understand back then. 

Haynes dedicated a lot of time reading everything written about Penguin or Google penalties. After getting enough understanding of the concept, she started giving out advice related to it across online forums. From the advice and comments she gave, people started to ask her to take a look at their websites.

Haynes created her reports for these sites. She reviews the site’s analytics and gives my opinion on which algorithms were likely affecting their site.  From there, Haynes’ career in online consultation skyrocketed.  Later on, she started discussing a manual unnatural links penalty she received from Google. It took a while before it was resolved but she learned a lot from the experience.

Therefore, she shared it and began writing articles on Moz and Search Engine Watch about that particular penalty work. Aside from writing and giving out consultations, Haynes also trained several people to do this type of work so has her people to work on some of her client’s concerns. 

Haynes has worked with many different kinds of websites since she began her career. She had clients from small business owners but to the more established ones asking her how to remove Google penalties. 

Haynes has a great story to tell from being a veterinarian to being one of the top online consulting website owners.

Larby Amirouche Highlights Marie Haynes Consulting – Blog


Before Marie Haynes Consulting became so popular it was known as his Web Marketing. 

Marie Haynes Consulting Blog is one of the most popular blogs. From giving out advice across online forums, Haynes brought her knowledge into writing blogs and giving an in-depth analysis of the trends across the digital marketing industry.

When you visit her blog, you will not be getting the usual how-to blog. You will get an actual report of the things you’ve been pondering about. 

Aside from blogs, Marie Haynes also has a newsletter and a podcast. 

Haynes says she is very proud of their newsletter which was launched way back in 2014. She gives frequent updates about Penguin or Panda algorithms. Also, if she learned something valuable from Google help hangouts, she always adds it to their newsletters. 

She is proud that their newsletters are packed with information with at least 5000 words per release. Moreover, as the trend evolves, so is Haynes’ ways to reach out to her audience. She also launched a podcast where she talks about her thoughts on SEO and other current news. She releases a new episode every week. 

Marie Haynes on The Mistakes She Committed as a Beginner in Digital Marketing

Based on an interview, these are the three things Marie Haynes committed when she was still starting out in digital marketing. 

More Reading, No Time Doing

Her best tip for those who want to start a website is to create and start to create efforts to make it rank. 

As a Canadian, Haynes compared SEO to hockey. She thinks that to be able to be good in SEO, you need to practice and play. 

Not Hiring Sooner

If you want to boost your rankings it takes a lot of work so it will be better if you will consider hiring people who can give you assistance in making things happen.

She revealed that after she hired her staff her productivity and income have dropped slightly, but for only a short period, however, it has been growing ever since then.

Tried to Do Too Much

She recalls the days she decided to focus on just penalty work and diagnosing whether a site had been affected by an algorithm update like Panda or Penguin. She says that she spends hours just to deliver the clients’ concerns even though they are having a hard time dealing with it. 

Now, if a client comes to Haynes with a job that is outside of their expertise she will refer them to others who are more knowledgeable about the concern. 

For her, despite missing another client, in the long run it helped her to provide better service to her current clients, and give her a chance to improve the core things they do.


For Larby Amirouche, Marie Haynes journey is proof that if you really want a spot in this industry you should work for it. 

You should dedicate time to learning, and seeking help from your colleagues. Of course, you should always execute and practice what you’ve learned. 

Larby Amirouche thinks that anyone can be a great digital marketing practitioner and you can start by reading some valuable content from Marie Haynes Consulting – Blog.

Larby Amirouche

Larby Amirouche from Chicago, IL is a pioneer in online marketing and e-commerce, widely admired as a business pioneer and trendsetter.