The point of innovation is to make our lives easier, regardless if it means improving your overall lifestyle or spending less energy to do menial tasks. Innovation, nonetheless, comes in many forms. Nowadays, you can invest in smart items in order to automate your home, get a better insight into various processes, as well as be able to remotely control the place. With all of this in mind and without further ado, here are the top five of the latest inventions that are meant to make your life easier.

  1. Solar phone charger

The question of one’s smartphone battery is incredibly important in today’s world. You see, while people tend to whine about how phone batteries in the olden days would hold for days, even weeks, the truth is that phones in the past, weren’t nearly as power-hungry. Sure, some people assume that batteries haven’t evolved, which is a completely wrong and even outright illogical presumption. It’s not the battery that’s the problem but the number of applications running simultaneously, even in the background while you’re not using them.

Either way, this problem can be solved in one of two ways. First, you could use a power bank as a temporary solution, however, this power bank is a device similar to your battery and it will, eventually, run out. Instead, it would be a lot smarter to opt for a solar charger that can be mounted on the window. This way, you have a charger and a mean to “plug” it, regardless of your current location. It’s also a green way of charging your phone, which brings its own degree of satisfaction.

  1. Smart lock

The security of your home is always of the utmost priority. Nonetheless, the old-school lock and key setup might have been surpassed with the invention of a smart lock. First of all, a lot of people have a presumption that this lock costs a small fortune (being so Sci-Fi-like and all), nonetheless, it’s possible to get a reliable smart lock for your home for as little as $100. This availability and frugality will ensure that this device becomes a feature in virtually every home across the globe before long.

As far as the advantages of a smart lock go, the list goes on and on. First of all, you get to unlock any door without a key. All you need is your smartphone. Just think about it, what are you more likely to leave your home/work without – your key or your phone? Other than this, you get the privilege of being able to remotely control these locks. This gives you the reliability of being able to check whether you’ve locked the door even while you’re away. If not, you can do it with a simple touch of the screen. Lastly, lock picking will no longer be as simple.

  1. Personal transportation

As of lately, there has been a boom in innovation in the personal transportation industry. In fact, if one had to define personal transportation in 2019, they would probably start with an image of a Segway or a hoverboard. Nonetheless, these self-balancing vehicles are not all that this industry has to offer. You see, there has been a major stride in efforts to make some of the oldest means of personal commute more… well, automatic. This has led to a massive bump in the popularity of electric bikes and vehicles like those provided by retailers like Scooter Village.

The advantages of this are quite numerous. First of all, you get to save your own energy, due to the fact that commuting around on these vehicles doesn’t make you tired. Second, they consume a low amount of energy, which makes them eco-friendly. After all, they have a drastically lower carbon impact than the majority of personal transportation vehicles. Apart from this, they can be kept in an apartment, unlike a car or a motorcycle which may require a garage in extreme weather conditions or during the colder part of the year.

  1. Smart fridge

One’s health is always a top concern, however, a lot of people forget that their health heavily depends on their nutrition habits. This means that, in order to take full advantage of this, you need to keep track of calories, as well as of the nutrients that can be found in your food. Fortunately, with the help of a smart fridge, you will be able to do just that. Not only will this make the contents of your fridge available at any point but it will also make it so that you’re aware of all the expiry dates, and even the content that’s currently in the package.

In other words, this is something that can help you optimize your grocery runs, help you stop wasting so much food and allow you to become a lot more pragmatic when it comes to your nutrition. Seeing as how this is already a second smart item on the list, it’s more than obvious that the future is looking a lot smarter.

  1. Wireless room charger

Once again, we’ll return to the concept of device charging (seeing as how it’s so immensely important), this time with a different approach to the problem. Namely, most of the time, there are a plethora of devices that need charging at the same time. In a household, every inhabitant has a smartphone but there are also tablets, Bluetooth devices (like speakers) and laptops. In order to ensure that there are always enough slots for all of these devices, you can opt for an in-room wireless charger.

In conclusion

The last thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that all of the above-listed devices bring so much value to your lifestyle that it’s nearly certain that they’ll grow as trends. Add to this the fact that none of the above-listed are particularly expensive (well, at least compared to other high-end devices of the same caliber), which makes this certainty even greater. All in all, considering innovating your household with some (or all) of the above-listed is definitely a good idea.

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