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launching an app like ubereats

Business Goals and User Preferences by Launching an App like UberEats

Hi there! The popular saying, “stay ahead of times,” is more applicable to businesses. Offer extraordinary services to users even before they think of its possibility. That is where you can draw a line between normal and surreal businesses. Nowadays, initiating a business has become possible for everyone. Certain technological innovations, funding agencies to provide financial services, etc., are the reasons individuals invest in businesses.

Therefore, kick-starting a business is no more tedious. We shall narrow down to the crux of this blog- the UberEats Clone app solution with this cue. If there is a delivery service preferred by users across the globe, including small towns, then it is the food delivery service. The increasing craving for restaurant-cooked food has made users rely on food delivery apps.

Pandemic and the change in food ordering and delivery services

Be it micro, macro, or large scale business, the impact of the pandemic is phenomenal. While many businesses are still stranded with the effects of the pandemic, some businesses have outshined even during the pandemic. The food delivery business is one of the businesses that stayed well ahead of the time. Let us see the food delivery services sustained during the pandemic. Before that, let us analyze a few things. 

People love restaurant-prepared food and door delivery equally. These two things are the key points. Apps like UberEats, Zomato, Swiggy, etc., extended their delivery services even during the pandemic by following certain safety guidelines. The concept of contactless delivery found its roots during the pandemic. UberEats Clone apps implemented the contactless delivery feature where the delivery partner will dispatch the order without establishing direct contact with customers. These features really gained user’s attention.

On the other hand, restaurants followed specific safety measures like sanitizing the kitchen frequently, wearing masks and gloves while preparing food, maintaining social distancing in the cooking area, etc. Hence, the pandemic has drastically changed the food ordering and delivery patterns.

Why is it important to develop a food ordering app like UberEats?

If you are planning to launch your food delivery service, you should have an ideal app that integrates the entire ordering and delivery process. First, let us analyze the need to integrate the workflow of your service.

The main things are order management, payment management, and delivery management for a food delivery service. Without a dedicated app, managing the business workflow will become complex. Therefore, it is important to invest in a food delivery app that will streamline the overall administration.

Suite of features present in the UberEats clone

Simple onboarding

Before users can access the app, they must provide certain personal information like username, contact details, email ID, and location details. These details will be saved in the app, and a profile will be created for users.

Since the registration process is the first step users make, ensure you keep it simple. Limit the number of details you get from users to a certain number so that users will be pleased.

Search restaurants

The app will direct users to select the restaurants from which they want to order their food. The UberEats Clone app will prioritize the nearby restaurants and will also list other restaurants. Users can select the restaurants and place orders.

It is recommended to collaborate with as many restaurants as possible, including small and medium-sized restaurants.

Restaurant profile

With this app, you can list restaurants’ details so that users can check them once before placing orders. It would be great to include the reviews and ratings of restaurants so that users may decide which restaurants to order their food from.

Schedule orders

One of the most availed and trending features in the scheduling order. As the name itself implies, users can pre-plan the delivery time of their orders. Most flexible feature ever!

The real-time benefit of this feature is quite surreal. Say a user has planned to watch a movie and wishes to munch his/her favorite snack. Open the app, select the restaurant, choose the snack, and schedule the delivery. The user can munch the snack alongside his/her favorite movie.

Facilitate multiple payment modes

Not every user prefers the same type of payment mode. Some may prefer cash on delivery, and others may opt for digital payment. Be it any case; you should provide different payment options. The app is designed to aid various payment gateways like PayPal, Braintree, Stripe, Apple Pay, etc.

Order history

One of the mandatory features of the app is the order history. Users can check upon their orders in the order history section of the UberEats Clone app. The history will provide complete details like name, number of food items, date and time of delivery, delivery person’s name, and total bill amount.

Order tracking

Users will book their orders and wait for the arrival. Meanwhile, they can check the status using the tracker feature. Using this feature, users can know the delivery status every now and then until it reaches their doorstep.

Push notifications

Sending out alerts to users is highly important. However, please limit the number of notifications you send to users, failing, which will cause irk among them. Push notifications can be sent for app-related info like order status, delivery status, payment status, etc.,

Rewards, offers, and promo codes

As part of your business strategy, it is essential to take into account the offers and promotions. One of the easiest ways to attract customers to your business is by delighting them with exciting offers on food items. Make users visit your app again and again by proffering promotional codes and coupons.


Are you ready to offer food delivery services to users with the UberEats clone app? Get Appdupe’s meticulously designed food delivery app solution and put your services on the top of the list. All the best!


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