Every country has a set of rules of conduct for the safety and well-being of every citizen of that particular country. These rules, often referred to as laws, are enforced and established by superiors like legislators, people in authoritative positions, a specific community head, etc.

The entire functionality of the country is based on these laws or regulations that are set. Every small aspect, be it the professional or personal front, all come under a certain set of rules says Attorney Miya Griggs. This article will understand the need for law and order and the importance of maintaining it.

What are the factors that determine Good law and order?

For a particular resolution or rule to be passed, it has to qualify as good law. When we refer to the term good law, we mean

  • The particular rule or regulation has to be in favor of people’s interests.
  • It should not discriminate against anybody based on their social standing, caste, creed, color, culture, race, or ethnicity. In short, it applies to everybody.
  • A good regulation or law should never be too rigid or too harsh but reasonable enough to send the message across.
  • The whole idea of setting laws is to ensure that the law suppresses no one. A person should be able to approach any law enforcement officer or institution without having to think twice.

What is the relationship between society and the law?

Whether it is criminal law, civil law, corporate law, or any other such category of law, there is a direct link between society and the rules set. Every form of law deals with specific issues that the people of a country may face.

For example, Criminal law is designed, keeping in mind the need for people’s safety and security. These guidelines help citizens to understand what is moral and immoral behavior. It also shows the reciprocation of the actions and reactions caused due to human behavior.

Similarly, corporate law helps to protect the well-being of every employee and company. It allows people to understand their rights when they work in a professional environment. This particular sub-category of law helps to establish the liabilities, and accountabilities companies have towards their employees says Why do we need law and order in any country or community?

In any aspect of life, we need to follow some guidelines that help us understand what is accepted and what is not. Similarly, the country’s rules or laws help set a guideline of what people should and should not do. Some of the reasons why we need law and order in any country or community include

A Final Note

For any country to function correctly, it needs to have a set guideline of what is acceptable and what is not. Laws or Rules and Regulations are guidelines set for the well-being of not just the citizens, the country in general for its growth and protection says Attorney Attorney,

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Attorney Miya Griggs
Attorney Miya Griggs
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