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By SHWETA SINGH 1,609 views

Know How to Layer Designer Tops Under Jackets this Winter

Layering is advantageous in the winter season to stay warm and cosy while going out. Besides, one can remove some layers while entering some warm places. Therefore, it is the best decision to layer up your clothes rather than wearing one or two heavy clothes.

Nonetheless, it isn’t so much necessary to have just perfect or practical layering. Sometimes one wants to layer their clothing just to showcase their style, personality, and experiments in fashion. Apparently, knowing the basics of layering would help with multiple styles in winter.

To layer tops, one just needs to look for versatile possibilities. Further, it will provide the option to mix and match for considerable looks. It also allows playing around with the designer piece. For example, one can buy designer tops for girls and style them even in the winters.

Styling With A Cropped Waist Length Jacket

A top with minimal laser work on the cuffs and a feminine cut at the neck can be perfectly layered with a cropped waist-length jacket. Simultaneously, a top that ends either at the waist, high hip, or low hip is the perfect layer for cropped waist-length jackets. Let’s see how to layer tops with a low hip jacket…

Styling With A Low Hip Jacket

Full sleeves georgette shirts can create a perfect summer spring look. These minimalist shirts can easily be found in any woman’s wardrobe as they have rich embroidery with floral patterns that add to the charm and grace. Further, pairing them with jeggings completes an elegant look.

Yet, it isn’t too challenging to create an eye-captivating look in winter and a full sleeves shirt. A low hip jacket that ends upper thighs exactly needs a top that ends a few inches above the jacket’s hem. And full-sleeved shirts are one of them. One can create an effortlessly elegant look timelessly along with maintaining their minimalism.

Layering With High Hip Length Jacket

A high hip-length jacket looks adorable if the ladies top is of the same length. Or maybe within 1-2 inches maximum below the jacket’s border but, no longer than this. A top that fits the trousers with perfection is known to be the most comfortable form of layering that goes along with a high hip-length jacket.

Style Tip

Use a scarf, jewellery, hat, or handbag to compliment your pieces or add an extra level of interest to your overall look. One should always remember these basics whenever planning to layer clothes. Now you know the basics and secrets of layering. It’s time to try one yourself.


A unique and magnificent collection of designer tops and jackets are available on some luxury clothing sites, e.g., AMPM. One can complete their entire winter look and accessorize it with accessories. However, the best part is it can be done by sitting at home. Just order your preferences and get ready to layer them this winter. Layering can transform the overall look and enhance the personality of the wearer. Hence, it is necessary to experiment with styles.

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