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layering tips
By LARREN SMITH 324 views

The Ultimate Guide to Layering – Styling Tips from We The Free

Layering is an essential skill in fashion, offering both functional and aesthetic benefits. It allows for versatility in wardrobe choices, enabling one to adapt effortlessly to changing weather conditions and to express personal style. One brand that has mastered the art of layering is We The Free, renowned for its bohemian-inspired pieces that encourage individuality and creativity. This guide will delve into layering principles and share expert tips from We The Free to help you elevate your styling game.

Understanding the Basics of Layering

Layering means wearing several garments on top of each other or, in other words, wearing more than one layer of clothes at the same time and in a fashionable manner. Layering is more about the proportions, textures, and colors; the general rule of thumb is that they should complement each other. Here are some fundamental principles to consider:

  • Start with a Base Layer: The first layer should be form-fitting and breathable, worn next to the skin. This includes form-fitting tops that may include basic tees, tank tops, or even slim-line long sleeves. This layer is the base of your outfit, and it must be comfortable, easy to move in, and made of materials that allow your skin to breathe.
  • Add Middle Layers for Warmth: Here, you can begin to add more interest and make the layout of this layer more complex. Items of clothing best suited to this location include sweaters, cardigans, and other thin jackets. This layer offers warmth and elaboration to your attire without exerting much on the figure.
  • Finish with an Outer Layer: The outerwear is the last layer: a coat, a more solid jacket, or a sleek blazer. This layer is often the most rigid and should give the final touches to the attire, giving it the look it needs and acting like a shield from the prevailing weather conditions.

We The Free’s Approach to Layering

For this reason, We The Free clothing aligns with the free-spirited nature of layering in the sense that it is inherent in the brand. Here are some tips inspired by their approach:

Embrace Different Textures

Regarding clothing designs, We The Free often employs different textures as a signature. Cotton can be blended with wool, leather, or denim; other textures such as sheen, matte, and fur can also be combined to produce an attractive look. For instance, pair a comfortable cotton t-shirt with a warm and thick knitted cardigan, complimented with a stylish leather jacket. By suddenly mixing the soft and hard fabrics, you can create depth and interest in your look.

Play with Proportions

Layering affords flexibility in constructing individual garments about one another, which is aesthetically exciting and can create a favorable silhouette. In We The Free, oversized plus-size T-shirts tend to be worn with tight pants or vice versa. Try wearing a fuller tunic with tight pants or leggings to achieve the correct proportions. Alternatively, pair a fitted top with wide-legged pants for a sporty chic feel or a full skirt for evening glamour. This play on proportions not only serves to enhance your body shape but also introduces movement into your outfit.

Use Color Wisely

When dressing, it is essential to ensure that any two pieces of clothing worn on top of each other are the same color. We The Free has been seen to use earthy colors with small flashes of color in the sets of the collections they release. Begin with a plain shirt and trousers and go up the hierarchy to more colored shirts and trousers. For instance, one can wear a plain white T-shirt with a camel-colored cardigan and a deep burgundy-colored coat. This succession of colors ensures that the appearance is elegant and balanced to create an aesthetic blend.

Practical Layering Tips for Every Season

The coating is not reserved for the winter season alone but can be employed as a strategic style all year round. Here are some season-specific tips to help you layer like a pro:

Spring and Summer

During summer, avoid bulky clothing since it will make you hot, and you should look for garments that can cover your skin. The main point is that the fabrics have to be thin, and as much as possible, they have to allow the air to pass through them, so that would mean not to take anything thick or heavy. When wearing a sheer blouse, oversized shirt, fitted camisole, and a light denim jacket, one can design a fabulous look for an incredible summer night.

This combination not only provides you with comfort and coolness but also gives you that extra stylish and lazy girl look. For accessories, light scarves and sun hats are advisable. These will help protect you from the hot sun while giving you that extra glamorous look. They should also be fully breathable, such as canvas sneakers and espadrilles.

To avoid overheating, fabrics such as cotton and linen are preferred so that the wearer does not suffocate. These are materials that are very good at absorbing moisture and, at the same time, helping to provide good air circulation for comfort during the day. Interlayering during summer is also convenient since it is possible to wear more layers and remove them as the weather becomes warmer.

When going to the beach, wear a one-piece with a sarong over the swimsuit and if you desire an extra gown, wear an elastic kaftan for that bohemian appearance. At night, wear a kaftan and replace it with a light cardigan or shawl in the evening.

Fall and Winter

In colder seasons, layering is more about dressing warm but fashionably. Your first layer should be a thermal top and leggings. For insulation, a cozy sweater and a down jacket are added. Scarves, hats, and gloves, for instance, can also be useful fashion accessories.


It is essential to learn how to layer so you can change a simple outfit significantly and look fabulous in your unique way. Distinctive and comfortable layered outfits can be achieved using balance and texture principles, including colors, and drawing inspiration from We The Free clothing. In other words, layering is not all about wearing apparel on another; it is all about how you could do it to make a better style and prepare for anything in the day.

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