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The job of a business consultant is to create strategies in order to help entrepreneurs reorganize their industry and become more profitable. They help businesspersons identify problems, implement a solution and achieve their business goals emphasis, Inshan Meahjohn.

A business consultant must have the ability to be well organized, elucidate things well and social in nature. Furthermore, they have specialization in certain topics including human resources, finance, management, operations, product development and others.

In order to get started as a business consultant, you need a good grasp of advertising. Actually, a business consultant instructs local business owners about Internet business. So, you should present yourself as the Internet marketing expert who helps small industries develop a web presence.

If you have expertise in business or in particular sector of business, you can create a rewarding career in consulting. Here, we have narrow down a list of some tips on how to become a local business consultant to help an individual.

Follow these tips shared by Inshan Meahjohn if you want to start your career as a local business consultant:

  • Select a Particular Niche in Which You Have Knowledge:

    You should have to select a particular niche in which you have an interest. Actually, knowledge and experience together with interest is the best way to start your consulting business.

Suppose you have knowledge of computers and also work experience of a specific time period, you can start a computer consulting industry.

  • Obtain Certification and License:

    All the consulting industries do not need formal training and certification. But some businesses such as accounting require having certification.

Moreover, you should need a license to start a consulting business. According to local or state norms, individuals should have a license to work as an independent consultant says, Inshan Meahjohn.

  • Develop Your Business Website:

    After having certification and license, the next thing to consider is from where to start.

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You must create a website that explains all the services you will provide to your potential clients. This will help individuals to know how you can help them.

  • Create a Booklet:

    Rather than creating a brochure, you just need a simple booklet comprise of easy to read information on how to start an online business. It is advisable to distribute the booklet to the local business owners.

Furthermore, make sure that booklet is valuable for beginners and cover all the basics including benefits of having an online presence. Along with this, also mention how you can help people achieving the web presence.

  • Use case Studies:

    According to Inshan Meahjohn, it is not easy to educate people about Internet marketing. Hence, you should use case studies to clear readers how your particular service can help them.

It is good to add the information of clients you have helped earlier. Plus, you can also give an example of local businesspersons whom you help to increase their customer base. Also, mention how you did this as it will help readers to know how this can help their industry too.


Starting local consulting business is a great idea. The local businesses in your surroundings can use your services. Follow the above tips given by Inshan Meahjohn in order to become a local business consultant.

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Inshan Meahjohn
Inshan Meahjohn
Inshan Meahjohn is the Assistant Vice President Entrepreneurship and Technology Commercialization at University of Trinidad and Tobago.

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